Knowing Reality

Knowing reality involves more than opening our eyes and looking around.  “Seeing” happens when we are ready to see. It’s not similar to plunking ourselves down in front of a TV and passively acknowledging movement outside ourselves. Seeing depends upon our availability.

What does “availability” mean? 

Availability refers to showing up and being present without a thought to the impression we make or to the feelings which arise inside us. We’re not paying attention to other people or to circumstances. Our focus moves inside. We say “I am available” and we wait and we pay attention. We don’t know what thoughts, feelings, memories, or insights will arise.  We practice availability when we allow ourselves to be carried. We don’t think or resist. We may notice our fear. In fact, we notice everything. But we commit to the ride. Wherever we are led, we practice presence.

Availability implies trust. We know that Spirit in us pulls us toward healing in our own personal terms. We don’t have to understand. We just show up. Availability equals presence plus trust plus commitment with a healthy dose of humility. When we practice availability, we enter the realm of the gods and we defer to the highest and wisest part of ourselves (which is unconscious). We allow ourselves to be carried into our own God-consciousness at our center and we say “Yes.” “Yes, I am available. Yes, I commit to this ride. Yes, I accept a guidance my mind can’t fathom. Yes, I participate in my life but I don’t own it. I allow life to teach me. I am available to learn. I acknowledge the God within me. Yes to this second.”

And only from that place in our deepest centers can we know reality. Reality isn’t exclusively outer or inner. Actually, the two are the same, mirror reflections of each other. I can’t know reality around me if I’m not open to knowing reality inside me. Beyond the visible is the invisible. In fact, we create what we see through our (unconscious) thoughts and beliefs. Don’t have enough  . . . (fill-in-the-blank)? Look at your assumptions about limitation and lack. If we are not open to receiving, we won’t receive. If we want the outer world to change, we can change the inner world and that change will manifest in the outer. It’s Universal Law. If we feel frustrated and angry, we must heal before the outer world responds with gentleness.

To a great extent, it’s up to us what we experience. What we see around us reflects what goes on inside us. We can decide what we want to do about it. Don’t want to make any changes in your inner world? OK, then the outer world won’t change. Want to take responsibility for how you create your experience? OK, the outer world will reflect your choice. It’s up to you and it’s OK whatever you choose. Just remember — outer reality and inner reality are one and the same.




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