Knowing Intuitively

We've tried to live life the way everyone else does. Our family and friends say, “That's just how life is. Adjust.” But we don't buy it. We know there's more to reality than our five senses and our intellect can grasp. We've noticed coincidences for years. We know who is calling a second before the phone rings.  We forgot a movie title and an acquaintance mentions it in conversation the next day. Sometimes we hear a stranger say aloud what we have only thought. We encounter exactly the person we need at exactly the right second. It seems a backstage manager orchestrates our chance meetings. 
Moving into the realm of our intuitive guidance frees us from the restrictions of our (suffocating) logical mind. Logic organizes information. Intuition receives wisdom.
In the intuitive realm we listen every second. We practice presence. We trust our partnership with the Universe. The Universe knows exactly what we want and need and how to make it happen. And the Universe is unfailingly on our side.
Life becomes an adventure. Since the Universe is working for us, we watch to see what happens next. We expect gifts. We're open to learn.
Living intuitively influences our perceptions of reality and our experience. When we notice the Universe responding to our unvoiced thoughts, we feel a confirmation unlike any appeasement from our intellect. Something unexpected happens and we realize that it is perfect for us. We don't insist on forcing our way. We live with trust and acceptance because we see that we are guided to wholeness. So, no matter what happens, we're receptive and grateful.
Some exercises to practice trusting your intuitive guidance are:
1.    Don't ask for what you want. Give thanks, assuming it has already been given.
2.    Practice partnership with life constantly. Know that life pulls you to wholeness; pay attention to your experience. Everything that happens to you is for your own good.
3.    Release resistance. Stop thinking! Notice that reality inside your head and around you is the same. Life reflects you to you. Be humble and learn.



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