Living In The Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

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I'm happy to announce the release of my latest book, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment. In it I explore aspects of psychological and spiritual growth which live close to my heart. This book is me--my journey, my challenges, my vulnerabilities, and my insights. I include seven months of my journal writing as I cope with a surprising diagnosis, psychology and spirituality articles, and meditation instructions.  I've learned that practicing vibrational alignment starts with presence, awareness of our feelings, and the commitment to allow. And, inevitably, a healing follows which our minds can't anticipate.

Balboa Press has published Living in the Flow as a print-on-demand book. You won't see it on a bookstore shelf but you can purchase it from them by clicking on:

Practicing Vibrational Alignment

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In the Foreword, Dr. Kathy Murphy says:
"I’ve often felt incomplete in my understanding of what Source is and how it feels in our everyday lives. Ruth talks about Source in a way that covers all of the benefits and all the difficulties with living in alignment with Source Consciousness. She helps us to see how being connected to Source is the ultimate healer. This is our true power. This is what allows us to be the peacemakers we all need to be in this world. It’s not just about our healing. We do this for everyone and everything. When you finish reading this book, you will feel this in the core of your being. You will feel lifted up and connected and ready to say YES to life."

Ginny Conrow says: 

Sensitively written, this book guides the reader to intimacy with their true self. This inner knowing is the beginning of wisdom, of authenticity in every area of life. Dr. Cherry writes from her honest, vulnerable journey and encourages the reader to begin their own journey towards healing and wholeness.

Stephen Tosh says:

I have experienced awakening while studying Dr. Ruth Cherry's book Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment. I have gone through a challenging physical situation as well as deep scars since childhood. The personal growth and peace that has come to me while reading every day has given me perspective that I needed to continue my life successfully.    

Laurie Seawater says:
Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment is a guidebook to understanding our natures. We learn how our human tendencies, for example, the Controller and the Child, can be healed when we understand them and work with them. The book is packed with brilliant ideas. It invites reading over and over to truly digest all the thoughts that Dr. Cherry presents. 

Joyce Heller says:
I am amazed at the strength, faith, and trust Ruth has gained after receiving her diagnosis of MS. I cried a lot when I read her daily journal entries. They are so meaningful.

The articles in Part 2 of the book are invaluable.

Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment  reminds us what we know to be true about life.

Brian Berg says:

I've never thought much about meditation and the primary reason I read this book was because I personally know Dr. Cherry. However, after suffering my own personal traumas in the last year I've been trying to be more contemplative and open about my life. Dr. Cherry shares an immense amount of herself in this book, and I found that very helpful in trying to come to terms with some of my own struggles. She goes to great lengths to explain her thought process around meditation and setting up an inviting framework for contemplating one's own life. I found her insight extremely interesting and helpful, and I'm really glad that I took the time to read this book

Cyndi Rae Williams says:

Dr. Cherry gives a new approach to the idea of meditation by allowing the reader to release judgment and criticism of one's own skill at meditating! What a refreshing approach. From the perspective of the "Observer" there is no wrong way to do or feel anything -such a relief. This allows me to simply do my best and be who I am. Such freedom in the perspective given by Dr. Cherry - and totally unique when compared to other books on "clear your mind" style of mediation. This approach just makes sense! Also, Dr. Cherry's description of the "Controller" - as a well-meaning destructive do-gooder - gives me compassion towards my own need to control. Another relief. Thank you so much for giving me a new perspective of self-acceptance and kindness. Now, to read it again... Back to page 1!

Kay Wallace, LCSW, ACSW says:

Insightful and beautifully written, deeply personal and caring, Ruth Cherry's Living in the Flow is a powerful tool for meaningful change and a more fulfilling connection to those we love. Her willingness to share the difficult process of her own psychological growth combined with the variety and breadth of her professional experience are a gift to the reader.

Philip Musgrave says:

Well written, sensitive, very helpful. I love this book.

Amber Larson says:

As a long time meditator, I appreciate the spiritual context Ruth gives to her challenging life journey. I find Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment deeply touching.

Rev. Carrie Kenyon says:

Gary Espiau says:
I found Ruth's self-disclosure to be fascinating. I also really enjoyed her approach to meditation.  She provides simple and practical methods that help me to get the most out of my practice.  I especially like the idea of an Observer being a part of me. 

Steph Coleman says:

I wasn’t sure what to really expect on reading this book, but I was intrigued by the description and with the opening "forward", as my mom has MS and I know what an extreme challenge it can be to live with. Dr. Ruth Cherry’s life seems one that would make for a remarkable tale of inspiration and showing strength over much adversity, and I was completely blown away by how absolutely riveting this book was from start to finish. I feel like I got to know Dr. Cherry personally and am in awe at what an utterly remarkable human she is. I enjoyed reading this and thought it was very insightful and intelligently constructed in a way that is quite enlightening and ‘flows’ well from one subject to another. The author has a gift for explaining her ideas and the writing was very good. The ending is perfect and I think anyone who wants to learn more about meditating, finding peace and strength, or just being inspired to expand their level of consciousness should definitely read this book.


Corey Banyan says:

An uplifting book with a positive message, even in some of the beginning parts are darker and very gritty and raw… it is what makes the author’s message all the more powerful, in my opinion. "Living in the Flow…" is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how to work through emotions and feelings and see things clearer on the path to achieving peace, internal and external. The author gives very specific advice and details how to work on the meditating so we can ‘see’ better, and how to better control our thoughts and energy in to a more productive manner. The whole thing was just so easy to read and felt very relatable to me and my life. Even if you don’t have a debilitating disease like the author, we all have issues and struggles in life, and a book like this can really empower someone to overcome obstacles in their mind that prevent from achieving peace and happiness. I’ll re-read this in the future and recommend to my friends and family.

Jenna Brewster says:

I read "Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment" cover to cover in the course of one evening. It was a wonderful book, and very easy to follow along and understand the precepts the author Ruth Cherry, PhD is explaining. She relates not only her life, but others as well, and how meditating and journal writing can be beneficial on anyone’s journey and how to best go about it. But then she shows how it applies to each of us, and then takes it a step further with her interpretations and true to life examples and instructions on how to meditate (breathe and think) for maximum benefit. Very profound and emotionally engaging, and a great compliment to any self-improvement lifestyle.

Carla Biggins says:

This is the first book I’ve read from this author Ruth Cherry, but I think she shows great talent and is delivering an important lesson that not all people may be aware of. It’s good for them to read this book because it might help them to understand HOW to meditate, and specific steps to take. I enjoyed how the author breaks down meditation into different sections and gives specific advice for each aspect. I never had any problems with breathing and centering but I never could go beyond that. I never understood WHAT I was supposed to do, or say, or think, or not think. This book is a gateway to introduce people into the world of meditation. This book is "teachy" not "preachy" (as so many self-help books tend to be). Everyone could use some healing and peace in their lives, and this is suitable for a wide audience.

J.T. Thomas says:

After I read a book, I ask myself a few questions… was it well written? Does it have a clear plot (or point or premise)? Is it memorable? Does is affect/change me in some way? Make me think? Would I recommend to others? If these answers are all "yes" then I know I’ve stumbled on something special. That’s how I felt when reading "Living in the Flow" by Ruth Cherry. I’m not even sure that I’m necessarily the "target audience" as I don’t do yoga, meditate, any of those ‘new agey’ things. However, I found myself immersed in this book and Ms. Cherry’s remarkable journey and her experiences, and how she shared her learned wisdom. I thought it to be very powerful and uplifting with a strong message of hope and understanding. I am actually inspired to keep much of this in mind and perhaps try it someday… seems great for relieving some stress or for gaining clearer mental focus. An impressive read and the author is an inspiring, intelligent voice.


Nicole Hastings says:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading "Living in the Flow", as I’m not normally one to read these types of books. But surprisingly enough I found the easy and engaging narrative style to be quite interesting and down-to-earth…. Almost like the author Ruth Cherry was talking to me personally at times. I liked how she uses ‘story-style’ to make her points and relate her ideas in ways that we all can fully and easily grasp – and does so in small doses so as to keep the pacing brisk and not bog us down with boring narrative. Very useful, well-written, and well put together. An important book with a clearly defined and easy to follow premise and I actually feel like I learned something that can actually improve my life.

Brenda Maxwell says:

I was really impressed with this book! From the beginning I was touched by the author’s struggles with life and her candor in sharing her heartbreaking, tough, and ultimately inspiring perspective. I love when people are able to avoid being "victims" of fate and instead become the master of their destiny – and I love even more when they inspire others to do the same. It is clear that the author knows what she is talking about, and that she is an excellent writer as well. I have found that many times reading self-help books can either be frustrating because the author is too ‘highbrow’ or they just don’t present the material in a way that I feel I can relate to (or it's condescending). I really appreciated the author’s simple and direct approach to a variety of personal topics, and the clear steps to take explained in a coherent and interesting manner. Recommended read.

Jhonni Parker says:

Sometimes it just helps to read something that makes you feel like not only do others understand you and what you might be struggling with, but that you aren’t the only one who feels this way. That’s how I felt reading this book – that the author understood me, and was speaking in a manner that I really connected with. I like that she didn’t sugarcoat things, but has experienced real difficulties and has acquired some knowledge and techniques for handling emotional, mental, and physical barriers, and teaches others to do the same with meditation. Now obviously this book, "Living in the Flow" By Ruth Cherry PhD isn’t some magical cure all (nor does it claim to be), but it’s a very insightful and helpful read for anyone who wants to know more on these subjects, improve spiritual awareness, and be inspired by someone who really does "walk the walk."

Darla Ortiz says:

Wow, so I didn’t even realize how much I needed to read this book until I actually did! And I’m so grateful that I did. We all go through stuff in our life, some more than others, and while some people are more aware of their emotions (in touch with their feelings), others may not be and a book like this can help someone and give some coping tools in very easy to apply steps in life. While reading this, the thought that kept striking me was "she understands me" (she being the author), and I thought the advice and analysis (done through the short narratives on various subjects) was spot on and profoundly impactful. I truly felt more enlightened by reading this, and I plan on applying some of what I have learned here. Thank you!

James Masters says:

I think a lot of self help books get a bad rap sometimes, and perhaps they don’t always deliver what is promised, but I have to say in this case I feel like the author did a wonderful job of getting her message out and doing so in a very digestible manner. I did finish this in one sitting and I thought the author made brilliant, deep and insightful points and gave lots of great advice. Hoping Ruth Cherry writes more in this same style. A wonderful book for the mind, heart, and soul.

Cale Owens says:

I was surprised with how much I liked reading this book. I admit I’m not normally one for the spiritual-type books, and consider myself more of a ‘rational, logical’ thinker than an emotional one, so I wasn’t really sure this would be my thing. But from the opening pages (after the impressive Foreward) Ruth Cherry invites us into her life in a way that demands our attention and respect, and I admire not only her strength and fortitude, but her remarkable ability to take a bad situation (her health- physical and emotional) and turn it around in a way that encourages others to want to be better too… and know that they can be!

Karen P. Johnson, MAS says: 

In her amazing book, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, Ruth openly and eloquently shares her personal story and professional gift as an inspiration and guide to discovering our own Essence through Presence.  I have “dog-eared’ most pages and look forward to revisiting her meditative insights, again, and again, and again…

Jason Thackery says:

I always go into books like this with a fair  bit of skepticism, wondering truly if there will be any new, insightful information brought to the table that isn’t some gimmick, or worse— an insult to my intelligence and common sense. So as I started reading “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment” (what did that even mean?!) by Dr. Ruth Cherry, I was fully prepared to see the same red flags, set the book down and call it a night. (I never claimed to be an open-minded guy). So imagine my surprise as I started in with the reading and was struck by how real and informative and just honest it all seemed. I was especially interested in the part about her work in the prisons and how the prisoners (those with the least freedom of all) sometimes had the most peace of mind, and how their viewpoint helped shape how they reacted to the world. That is something each of us can do, and sometimes it just takes knowing that thinking a certain way can change so much of how you feel inside, no matter your situation. While I won’t claim that everything in this book was for me, I was impressed (to my surprise) with how down to earth and relevant it was. The information here will help many people if they listen to what the author is saying. A good book.

Cam Jones says:

After reading this book, “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment” by Ruth Cherry, PhD, I thought the best aspect of it was how the principles it teaches and the helpful tips and suggestions can benefit almost everyone on some level, one way or another, regardless of where they are in life (although it does seemed to be geared toward 40 and 50-somethings…) Clear and coherent chapters focus on different angles of handling our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and recognizing how to best assess our own situation and steps on how to change it for the better.  I thought the whole book was excellently written and quite inspiring, and I liked that it actually gives some solid solutions and tools that are easily managed, and shows how we all have different ‘personalities’ and it is deciding how to best use them and when that can make a huge difference in our lives. I was engaged the whole way through and felt the whole thing from the formatting to the editing to the information was very professional and delivers a valuable message.

Cody Brighton says:

This book by Ruth Cherry is great. The intro tells us about the author and her challenging situation, the psychology section helped to understand our personalities and how they and our minds process information, and the meditation section helped to explain how to train our brains in ways to think and process information in the healthiest, most productive way. A solid read that delivers on all fronts, and I found the narrative style the author employs to be much more personable and just ‘connected’ with me better than many other books I’ve read like this. Probably because of her own issues she’s [admirably] dealt with, it gives her a special perspective that others may not have, and more relatable. That, combined with her background as a psychologist, makes her a great source of mental health information that is inspirational and educational.

Samantha Ryan says:

This book by Dr. Cherry is a fascinating, heartbreaking, and ultimately triumphant book that I am happy to have read. At first I went into thinking that it wouldn’t really apply to me, but I might get something useful anyways – well, I was wrong about it not applying! I always thought I managed stress pretty well and thought I was at peace…and maybe I do/am, but I really feel like there is room for improvement, and I found the suggestions to be useful and so true… like how we define happiness and peace, and how powerful our feelings are in determining how we react to situations. I liked how the author reflects on her life, her emotions, and her experiences (as well as others'). Some parts were a bit hard to take, as there are some sad events, but it has a positive, uplifting message throughout. And is very well-written and with perfect editing. Recommend for anyone who wants better tools and resources to manage their psychological and emotional wellness.

Corey Banyan says:

“Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment” by Ruth Cherry is a book that I feel that every adult should read, but especially the mid-lifers.  It is a great mix of personal and professional narrative, put into the context of not only learning what makes us tick and why, but ways to recognize it and go about best strategies for minimizing stress and pain and achieving peace and healing. I learned so much from reading this, for example, the section talking about the different ways we are all an “adult” or a “child”, and the personalities and their functions – controller, rebellious teenager, nurturing parent, etc… and how the response may be dictated by them… too much to get into here, but that part was really interesting to me. Dr. Cherry discusses many different elements of her approach and supports them with engaging stories from real life and how it can relate to us readers. There are different angles the author covers (again, too much to go into here), but overall it provided a well-rounded approach to our personal healing process and a great guide for learning how to heal and to find peace within ourselves in the moment. I’m sure I’ll be re-reading this at least a few more times.

Nicola Flood says:

I found “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment ” by Ruth Cherry, PhD to be so inspiring and insightful with so many intelligent, yet refreshingly common-sense ideas to making our minds and souls better by changing how we think and do things.  It gives a great guide to learning the basics of what makes us “tick” and I liked her ideas as she gives new perception to things that we sort of take for granted, like when we have suffering or pain, or even being unhappy… that that’s just how it is. But it’s nice to hear that it does not have to be that way, and there is a way out for everyone, whatever the circumstances. Our minds are so powerful and if we can harness that power to establish better self-awareness and control then there’s nothing we can’t overcome. The author is such an inspiration based on her personal journey alone, and her wisdom and candor with sharing so much will help others as well. An intelligent, complex, and important book. Highly recommend. (5 stars)

Layla Messing says:

Honestly this is the first book I’ve read on this subject and it is such an important concept! I’m literally wondering how I’ve made it this far without reading something like this before now. It felt so good to hear about how others cope with various situations in life, and in that way we can relate it to ourselves and realize that we can do it.  I am still in college and it’s just not normally the type of book that I’d usually read for ‘fun’, but I thought there might be something useful I could learn anyways and I was so right! It is inspiring and well-researched. Dr. Cherry has a natural writing voice that makes what she is saying very easy to grasp… and it is actually interesting stuff (not dry or boring or like a text book or something…) the experiences with the prisoners were pretty cool, and some of the journal entries almost made me cry. Very straightforward, this book is not just for older people or those who have experienced severe hardship (although will help for sure), but for anyone who wants to change their attitude and outlook and get started down a more peaceful path in life. I’d certainly like to read more from Dr. Ruth Cherry in the future.

Benji Hammond says:

Living In The Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment” by Ruth Cherry is a pretty good book and I could definitely see the truths behind much of what she was saying. Usually when I read books like this (which is admittedly rare) I feel like they have great information, but I’m left with the feeling of  “okay, now what am I supposed to do with this info?” So in that regard this book is superior in that it gives pretty exact ideas of steps we can all take now… . I thought each section  was  interesting and informative in its own way, but I was mostly intrigued by the ending on the meditating….  I have always wanted and needed to try it but wasn’t sure how. Great tips and easy to follow suggestions and also the overall message of how we can find hope and purpose in  the everyday, and just have gratitude and be thankful… that will go a long way in centering us and helping to become happier overall.  Is it worth a read? Most definitely.

Judy Espiau says:

There is a power and intelligence in the universe that supports, sustains and heals us. Ruth Cherry's book has been like a GPS, showing me the way to connect with this power and to allow it to work through me.

Rev. Brian Walker says:

I have found the practice of vibrational alignment to be a powerful way to get in touch with my innate wholeness.


Essie Harmon says:

[This book is] engaging, positive, almost like a friend is welcoming you into her arms and telling you a story that you want to just keep listening to. The pacing is great and the writing and editing flawless . This felt like such a beautiful and intelligent treatise on spiritual self-awakening and improvement.

Karen Matthews says:

I could definitely see the truths behind much of what she was saying, I can see this being a really helpful book to use now and in the future. While this book is geared toward an older audience, I can see millennials enjoying it as well.

Interview with Ruth Cherry about her book

 Living In The Flow:
Practicing Vibrational Alignment


From the back cover:  

When we open to heal, we invite the power that creates worlds to move through us and guide us. We practice presence, we pay attention, and we allow. Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment illustrates this process with journal writing, psychological insights, meditation instruction, and spiritual awareness.


Rev. Leona Evans says: 

Dr. Ruth Cherry has just written a wonderful new book that promises to be a best seller! She writes movingly about her own healing process and shares powerful insights on the importance of self acceptance and our oneness with Spirit.

Antoinette Vella Payne says

There is so much value in these pages. I especially love the meditation section in the second half of the book. 

Catherine Ryan Hyde, author, Pay It Forward and more than 20 other novels, says: 

Ruth Cherry's approach to meditation leads cleanly in the direction of what we all want: a life of more authenticity, more peace, more aliveness. It is simple and mature guidance for greater human depth.

Rev. John Byrne says:
I began reading Ruth's book a few days ago and it is 'the boost' I needed while dealing with my own autoimmune disease. Thanks, Ruth!

Karen Wilkins says:
I had to make marks and underlinings in this book so that I can come back and re-read the many things that struck me so very deeply. I will be re-reading the book over and over. There is so much meaningful and useful information for MY own healing and growth in her words and experiences. It has lifted my vision of possibilities. I thank her for sharing her inner world.

Dr. Patricia Gordon says: 

This book is powerful and profound.

Sharon Mesker says: 

The insights Ruth  Cherry shares with us are profound and important.  Through her personal journaling to deal with her chronic and serious medical challenges, her insights into psychological and spiritual methods for personal growth, plus her valuable information on the many benefits of meditation and  methods to achieve these benefits, Ruth's  words are clear, easy to read and comprehend.  This is a book that I will refer to again and again, anytime I feel the need for clarity in my life.  THANK YOU, RUTH, FOR YOUR GIFT FROM THE HEART.

Jan Lethers says: 

This is an informative, moving and inspirational book for people who have experience with meditation as well as people who don't. The book draws you in at the beginning as Ruth shares her personal journal and challenges. I have been motivated to re-start my journey of self - discovery and inner strength. This book is awesome.

Patrick Cherry says:

My brilliant cousin, Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a psychologist living in San Luis Obispo. She has produced a series of short videos called ‘Living in the Flow Moments,’ based on her book Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment. I initially struggled to understand her concepts and how they applied to me, in part because the language was foreign to me. With my mechanical background, I thought of ‘vibrational alignment’ as something that could be measured on an oscilloscope in cycles per second, displayed on a screen, and analyzed and understood. As I listened to her videos, I realized I had to think of it metaphysically, as a way of integrating the various sub-personalities we all have. I had always let my Controller sub-personality dominate – the part of me that takes care of business, that gets things done, that ensures that the things that are supposed to happen in my life actually happen. The Controller sub-personality is what I think John Wayne meant when he said, "A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do." (Which he never actually said – at least not exactly like that).

My Controller sub-personality has proven to be distressingly inadequate in getting me through the changes I have experienced recently. My wife Portia’s long illness, during which I essentially abandoned my law practice and gave up all my hobbies so I could care for her, our financial immolation as Portia could not work and I chose not to work, followed by her completely unexpected death in our daughter Lucille’s living room, overwhelmed the Controller aspect of my personality. I had to learn to give up the idea that I could make things happen the way they should; the last 15 months have proven exactly how evanescent that conceit was.

I really struggled the first few months after Portia died, until I finally accepted that I couldn’t control things the way I thought I should. I finally accepted that it’s OK to let other people do things for me, and it’s OK for me to ask for help, and I don’t have to always ‘make it happen.’ Ruth’s book and videos (and several very long phone conversations) helped me to understand how the different aspects of my personality have to be aligned with what I actually need in my life at that time, so that the Critic is not dominant when I really need to access the Observer. It’s been an educational process, as I had to learn a new vocabulary as well as developing a conscious understanding of things that I was doing subconsciously.

This is not a pitch for Ruth’s book (although if you are going through significant life changes, as I am, you might find it helpful). It’s just that her insights have helped me so much in getting through the miasma my life has been, that simply telling her ‘Thank you’ seemed insufficient. I wanted everyone to know how transformative her book was for me.

Edie Juck says: 

Reading Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment  has been an eye-opening heartfelt experience.  I am reading the book in a unique book club that  meets once a week and reads aloud.  The well-written message has opened many doors for us to ruminate, rumble, and roar into profound discussions!  Thank you!

Jamie at New Age Mama says:

This book is an interesting one that is, in some ways, hard to categorize. It's part journal, part self-help book, part meditation guide. The author, Ruth Cherry, PhD, takes readers on her personal journey toward healing through her diary entries. Later, she discusses aligning with Life/Source and shares exercises to help one accomplish that.

Cherry's diary mostly chronicles her health struggles and her desire to walk again. She also discusses people and events that have come along to teach her lessons, as well as her work with clients and a meditation group.

While she seems to clearly have an audience in mind (people in mid-life), I think that there is a lot readers could take from this, no matter what stage they're in. She is frank in her struggles, and I found it fascinating and comforting to see her gradual improvement and backsliding in her journey toward walking normally and getting in the flow in all areas of life. Rarely have I seen people writing this type of material show such vulnerability and frankness. She doubts, she gets angry, she makes progress and then regresses. I think it will give hope to people who are on the path toward aligning with Source/Abundance/Whatever the goal. There will not always be smooth sailing, but this book shows that there can still be a good outcome.

As for the sections on meditation, spirituality, and other topics, I found those interesting as well. I didn't try the meditations (for me, I feel I am in a place where I still prefer to have a voice guiding me through them), but I am sure I will be before long. The meditations are simple for the most part, and wouldn't require a lot of memorization. I'd recommend this one for people who are on their own journey toward connecting with Source.

Megan King says:

 I am all about learning how to better myself and empower myself to be a better person today than I was yesterday, but this is really the first introduction I have had to learning about meditating and I must say it was very eye opening and enlightening! I almost feel like I should read this again, even though I just finished it. There were so many passages or ‘vignettes’ (I don’t think they were really chapters…) that really spoke to me and I felt that even though I don’t have the same physical challenges as the author, her guidance and words resonate on a deeper level that anyone can relate to in some aspect of their life. This was a very informative book that is both interesting to read and easy to understand, and Ruth Cherry did a marvelous job of explaining complex ideas simply and coherently. Highly recommend.


Laura Clark says:

 This book by Dr. Ruth Cherry was an intriguing and emotionally impactful journey where the author shares her own life experiences, battling MS and physical/emotional ailments – but then also creates some sort of ‘guide’ explaining different ways of connecting to our "Source" of power and strength in terms of meditating and finding spirituality. This book made it more tangible and understandable and was wonderful because not only do you actually learn something, but it also broadens your perspectives and encourages you to think in a different way for a while. And it is so good to read! I enjoyed many of the little "stories" the author told in order to illustrate her points, and I appreciated how it was geared toward just about everyone, not just people with disabilities or who are into meditation and spirituality already. If they are, then they will definitely enjoy this book, but if not it will be a beautiful awakening.

Gillian Hancock says:

Comprehensive, descriptive, engaging, and provocative, "Living in the Flow" by Ruth Cherry, PhD is by far one of the better books I’ve read on this subject. This book was written in a way that anyone could grasp the concepts Dr. Cherry shares, and they are laid out in a way that ties everything together and it all makes sense. I really like how Dr. Cherry writes, like a wise friend is talking to you and sharing her intimate secrets. The "big picture" painted is one that leaves the reader with a much deeper knowledge and understanding of self and their source of power and peace and knowledge that surprised me…I feel like I learned more reading this book in two nights than I have reading any other spiritual self-improvement book. Definitely recommend.


Eliza Brown says:

I loved that this book answered so many question I never even knew I had! And explained so many different facets of meditating, spirituality, and life in general in such an easy to understand and comprehensive way, I really feel like I got a lot out of it. It was very educational, but not in that dry, textbook sort of way that many religious/spiritual nonfictions can be. And it didn’t come across as preachy or patronizing at all! Just the author sharing her life experiences, good bad and ugly, and then teaching various methods of connecting to our own spirituality and learning meditation techniques that connect all of us to a higher ‘source’ of awareness and power. A must read for anyone who wants to improve their emotional well-being.

Marcella Gonzales says:

I thought this book by Ruth Cherry did a great job of explaining spirituality, the benefits of solid mental health, the power of meditation, and connecting with our inner selves in a way that everyone can easily understand and probably identify with some element or another. Although I’m sure there is a lot more I can learn on these topics, this is a GREAT start. I look forward to implementing some of Dr. Cherry’s ideas on meditation into my daily life, as I could use more clarity and focus. I particularly enjoyed the ‘personal’ approach Dr. Cherry employs, first sharing her life with us and grounding us in her unusual circumstances, then as she guides us down the path of our own psychological and spiritual improvement. I was very interested the entire way through which is amazing because I never would have expected to be. Thanks for writing this!

Sherri Warner says:

I read this book from Ruth Cherry cover to cover in the span of an evening. I’ve never done or read much in the form of spiritual improvement, and I’ve never tried meditating, yet I’ve always been interested in the idea… just never really knew where/how to start. I was drawn into this book because of Dr. Cherry’s way of writing that made me want to keep reading…it was the beautiful and informative content that held my attention all the way through. Had a lot more to offer than I expected, and I found myself moved by the author’s "journal entries"… and inspired by the rest…Suitable for ages 13 on up.

Tabitha Parks says:

I am so blown away by this book and its AMAZING author, Ruth Cherry! Wow, I had no idea that I was going to be this impressed and invested in a book about a stranger’s life. But by the end of the first section I felt like Ms. Cherry and I were best friends and her journey was mine. It is really hard to sum up this incredible book in a short paragraph, just that it is wickedly touching, sad, truthful, and deeply profound. I applaud Ms. Cherry for sharing her powerful story with us and will shout from the rooftops that others MUST read this book now— Your spiritual and mental health with be much better for it!

Anabella Johnson says:

I will start by saying this is a wonderful, inspiring book! I have read several books on the power of meditation and sometimes I get the sense that most are just recycling old information. Well, for this book it seems like I read a lot of new ideas presented in a new way. The content was mostly new to me and laid out in a simple way that is easy to follow and engage in, and feel it relate to my personal life. I enjoyed the ‘journal writing’ section, but it was the psychology/spirituality/meditation sections that really give me the most applicable information for my own life and that I got the most benefit from. I literally felt better just by reading this book. Fast paced, informative, and easy to read, I recommend "Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment" to anyone who wants to feel and be a better person, inside and out.


Darlene Cupp says:

Ruth Cherry, PhD has the great ability to take complex ideas and concepts that might be a bit overwhelming to a novice and put them in the simplest terms for all to understand easily. She covers many aspects of various subjects pertaining to spiritual and emotional health based on her own experiences of managing her life with Multiple Sclerosis. She gives straightforward, useful advice that anyone can (and should!) follow. Nicely presented and I liked how it was formatted/broken down into chunks focusing on different areas, almost like mini ‘essays’. Made for quick reading, and I darn near gobbled the whole book down in a single evening. I feel better after reading this than if I went to a shrink’s office! And it is cheaper too! Great tools to use in everyday life – lots to think about.


Kaylee Stevens says:

"We all have healing work to be done psychologically" the author Ruth Cherry states in her book "Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment" – and I feel she’d be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with her. We are ALL a work in progress, some more enlightened than others or further on their journey…. But we can all benefit from teachers or guides who show us better ways to improve ourselves from the inside out. That’s what I liked most about this book is that the author has "been there done that". She isn’t sitting high in her ivory tower of academia spouting of some esoteric mumbo jumbo with a bunch of trendy catch-phrases (my personal pet peeve in reading these types of books). Instead she is sharing her very real experiences and relating her personal struggles with disease with healing that every can learn from. I was impressed with Dr. Cherry’s candor and insight, as well as her ability to write in such a familiar tone that was like talking to a trusted confidante. This one is a keeper and I’ll refer to it again in the future. Highly recommend.

Claire Middleton says:
Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrationa Alignment by Ruth Cherry, PhD, was actually far more interesting and insightful than I first expected it to be. I just wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in for as I generally stick to fiction for my reading. But as I started I was immediately transfixed by Dr. Cherry’s Journal Entries and found myself sympathizing and impressed with her and the way she writes and puts all her ideas together. The later sections on psychology and meditating are very moving, eye-opening, and ultimately transformative. Living in the Flow is an absolute ‘must read’ for everyone regardless of where you are on your spiritual and life journey.


Stacy Decker says:

I think what I really liked the most about this book, "Living the Flow- Practicing Vibrational Alignment" by author Ruth Cherry was just the easy, natural tone in which she imparts her message in such an easy-to-understand and relatable way, and learning how meditation can improve our life even in ways we might not realize. I particularly liked the narrative the author uses to illustrate her teachings and give broader perspectives to particular circumstances, all while showing how it relates to our lives – how we are not alone in this. Seemed to be very well edited and put together, and I would recommend this to anyone seeking self-improvement on any level without hesitation.

Nannette Llorens says:

I am a student at the Unity of Ponce, Puerto Rico. I read your book, and I love it. Thank you for allowing God to manifest in you. This book is only an example. Blessings. 

Midwest Book Review says:

Synopsis: When we open to heal, we invite the power that creates worlds to move through us and guide us. We practice presence, we pay attention, and we allow. "Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment" by Ruth Cherry (who practices individual psychotherapy, writes, and offers daily guided meditation groups) illustrates this process with journal writing, psychological insights, meditation instruction, and spiritual awareness.

Critique: A deftly crafted and impressively well written, organized and presented instructional, "Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment" is very highly recommended for community and academic library Meditation Studies, Metaphysical Studies, and Self-Help/Self-Improvement reference collections and supplemental studies lists.

Leo Gregiory says:

I really liked the outline and overall construct of “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment" by Ruth Cherry, PhD. It was a practical read based on the author’s own decades-long life and professional experiences and helps people to understand some personal issues better and hopefully help overcome challenges in life.  I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to improve the value of their life and how they deal with stress and unhappiness and other emotional barriers to peace. It is a very engaging read because it’s not just lecturing or facts and figures, but relatable stories and interesting scenarios where the author breaks down her points and uses them in real-world situations that we can all easily understand and apply. I read the whole thing in one evening, and it was as entertaining as it was informative. Great job!

Max Gilbert says:

Add “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment” by Ruth Cherry, PhD to your list of must reads! It isn't often I get fired up by a motivational, self-help type book, but the information in this book is extremely applicable for almost everyone, especially in today’s high-stress world. I know this book focuses more on the individual, but I tend to think ‘bigger’ in the terms of if more people had access to this type of information and applied it, just how much nicer the world would be in terms of patience, kindness, finding purpose in helping others, reacting to situations with maturity and in a positive way… sigh, dare to dream. But this is the type of book that even if it makes one person better… YOU…. then that effect can ripple out in the world, I think. I was so moved by reading about the author’s struggle with MS (my aunt had it as well) I know what a toll it can take on you. So to hear the words from someone who has emerged from the fires of hell and is handing a bucket of water to those still consumed by the flames, well it doesn’t get any better than that. Hope that Ms. Cherry writes more like this in the future as she has a great way of taking on so many topics and making it feel relevant in our daily life.

Mark William says:

I truly enjoyed this book and feel like I learned a lot from it, even though at first I wondered if I would.. I thought the beginning was nice and all, but it wasn’t connecting the way I’d like. It probably was about ½ way in, when we reach the section on “Freedom” that I really started to feel like I was connecting with what the author had to say, and how I could feel it affecting me. I started inserting myself more and more into the book, and I found myself wanting to just keep reading and reading. I liked learning new approaches to being more aware of and in control of my own personal mental and spiritual habits and behavior and perhaps redefining a few things.  Ms. Cherry’s writing is very smooth and concise, and the content is very informative and enlightening. Hope the author writes more like this in the future, and I’d recommend to others.

April Dawn says:

I have to say straight away that I usually shy away from many books like this as a lot of times they are all theory and ‘talking in circles’ but with no real solutions or active steps, at least none that can ‘stick’ long term…but I have to say in this case I feel like the author did a wonderful job of getting her message out and doing so in a very digestible manner. I was unaware of so many things discussed in this book (many concepts, especially in the psychology section were totally new to me), and I consider myself to be fairly well educated and grounded in “my” issues. But reading something like this makes you realize that NO ONE has it all figured out and is perfect, we are all trying to make it through the day the best we can. Some people are more equipped than others at managing problems – and so any tools or helpful ideas that can be beneficial are welcomed by me. When Dr. Cherry asked the rhetorical questions throughout the book, it forced me to almost answer them and take a look deeper inside myself. While normally this may not sound appealing, I felt stronger and more aware for having done so, and feel like I picked up some valuable insight that is worth much more than the price of this book. A great addition to the mental/spiritual health genre.

Charlie Vasquez says:

To be perfectly honest, the title alone grabbed me. Not sure what it meant (before reading the book, but now I do!) but it sounded like something was good… I applaud Dr. Cherry’s efforts at gracefully and coherently breaking down the problems we face in terms that are easy enough to understand without “dumbing it down”, but realizing that the problems are complex and not quickly and easily turned around. However, she has some brilliant ideas that I personally can’t wait to put into use. In theory many of the concepts presented in this book seem like they could indeed be a positive force that may help us, and for less than the price of going to see a psychologist. You feel like you get all the nurturing guidance but without the hefty bill! Definitely recommend. 

Jean Oliver says:

Everyone has problems to a varying degree, and many people have different ideas on how to best cope or deal with stress, anger, pain and suffering, unhappiness, etc… Some drink, some use drugs, some over-eat or engage in other reckless behavior… and not everyone knows how or what to DO in order to regulate their emotions and mental process in such a way as to work FOR them and not AGAINST them. That is why I think a book like this is so valuable, as it really does talk to the common man/woman in a way that is not judgmental, but is kind, loving, understanding, and emotionally uplifting  Dr. Ruth Cherry lays out her ideas in a few different sections, each with their own sort of ‘theme’. The narrative is easy to follow, even if some of the concepts were admittedly over my head at times. I still feel like I gleaned some valuable information and I am intrigued by her ideas and will like to try some tactics to help reduce stress and achieve more inner peace (would LOVE to learn how to shut up my “Abusive Inner Critic”). So while I read this book pretty quickly the first time through just to see what it was all about, I think my next read through will be slower so I can study more in depth. Recommend.

Sophie Renee says:

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas (or solutions) are the simplest. While our hearts, heads, and souls are not exactly “simple”, Dr. Ruth Cherry presents her vision and her practical approach to learning how to manage and be more in control of our consciousness and opening our heart and mind to a more spiritual life. Dr. Cherry’s book is intelligent and thought-provoking – opens your eyes and provides a necessary paradigm shift. Some parts pull the rug out from under you – others will pull the wool from your eyes and expose truths, sometimes uncomfortable, that we all need to face. A surprisingly insightful book that I’d recommend to my friends. Probably suited for those in college and older as it does touch on some complex, thought-provoking issues. Well edited and written, and I finished it in a few nights. I feel more aware of being mindful and grateful and saying YES to life and participating in the experience. If life is a game, we need some good strategies to survive it and this book is a great place to start.

An Amazon Customer says:

Healing Words

I have experienced awakening while studying Dr. Ruth Cherry's book LIVING IN THE FLOW:PRACTICING VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT. I have gone through a challenging physical situation as well as deep scars since childhood. The personal growth and peace that has come to me while reading every day has given me perspective that I needed to continue my life successfully.

Rev. Michael Maday says:

Living in the Flow is a large and unexpected blessing, a book that speaks both to our hearts and our minds, a book that illuminates how spirituality and psychology are truly married. And the journal section is uncommonly honest and revealing about how to be authentic. This is a gem!


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