Lost and Found

Times of challenge are followed by times of overcoming. It seems that this is the rhythm of life. Always we learn about letting go. We don’t need to add on, to learn more, to increase—we need to release what interferes with our being authentically ourselves.


Unconsciously, we have covered over our natural clarity with what we hoped would make life easier—our wit, our intellectualism, our attractiveness, our compliance, or, perhaps, intimidation. We didn’t want our vulnerabilities to be noticed; we thought we weren’t good enough.  We want to be safe and we thought increased defenses provided the answer—keep folks away from those tender areas and we’ll never hurt or fear.


But the result is that we are not comfortable with ourselves in a new way. Before we feared the intensity of our natural feelings; now we may not know what we feel. So, in addition to others not knowing us, we don’t even know ourselves! We never integrate the vulnerabilities and, therefore, their great gifts and potential. We choose to live a two dimensional life instead of exploring our own depths.


Why do we think we would be better if we are less ourselves?


We have added so much onto ourselves that sometimes it’s challenging to get back to the essence of who we are. We have covered over shame with bravado. We have hidden fear with sarcasm. We have ornamented our surroundings so that distractions endlessly pull our attention.


But at our very center lives the light which has always been there and always will be. That’s what we really want—to live from our center honestly and without pretense. We already have God at our center. We don’t need to earn God or deserve God or find God or satisfy God. We are God. The problem is we are so much more.


Realizing our God essence may be overwhelming. To think that we have power of that dimension inside us this second can be breathtaking. Do we really want that kind of power? If we truly acknowledge that right now this minute we are God, we can’t let ourselves off the hook. It’s not a pressure to behave in a certain way. Realizing our God essence is accepting our unlimitedness.


Why would we refuse that?


Because it scares the bejeebers out of us! Right now this minute saying “Yes, I am God” and “Yes, I am unlimited” implies that we have all we need this minute. There isn’t a struggle and there isn’t a problem. This is it and I am it and there’s nothing to wait for. No one is coming to save us. There is nothing outside ourselves to seek. All the gifts and the riches and the power reside within us this second. When we lose our self constructed facades, we find ourselves. 




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