Loveable, Loving, Learning

We all yearn to be loved but traditional religion has taught us that we must work to be worthy of love. Being just as we are isn’t good enough; there is something basically evil lurking in our shadowy innards. We don’t know exactly what we lack but some authority will tell us and then show us how to correct our faults.
We listen, we try, but we never reach “good enough.” In fact, we learn self-hate. We judge our feelings, alienate ourselves from our core, and live from our intellect instead of from our soul. We try to be other than how we are naturally and hope that that is more acceptable. To whom? To God? To our mothers? To our peers (whom we fear only tolerate us)?
It certainly doesn’t work with ourselves. We don’t feel more comfortable. We don’t like ourselves more.  We don’t experience increased aliveness and creativity and spontaneity and joy. We felt hurt and now we have layered pretense over the hurt. We don’t feel the hurt but it still lives in us beneath our awareness. We know something is going on because we don’t always sleep so well and once in a while we drink a little too much and our eating seems designed to comfort our hearts instead of nourish our bodies. Generally, we’re frustrated. This life doesn’t seem worth it.
Can you imagine loving yourself the way you love a newborn--without expectation or criticism, with complete acceptance and open-hearted joy? With the trust that at your deepest core you are perfect? The truth is we are one with God. That’s the bottom line. Our foundation is God; we cannot destroy that. We may forget our essence when we listen to the intellect but we remember when we move into our depths in meditation.
As individual expressions of God we are loveable. We don’t need to earn love. We can’t improve on God. We are fine this second.
The next level is practicing love. We are loving beings, sharing our acceptance and gratitude with others. Because we accept ourselves, we open our hearts and welcome others. We treat them the way we treat ourselves. We choose to be loving because that best expresses who we are.
We are always learning. We do takes and re-takes and mis-takes because that’s what life requires. We can’t learn and grow without exploring different choices. We always get feedback and we always have another chance. And always we accept ourselves. “For this minute I am in my right and perfect place.”
We open our hearts and we open our minds and we are open to new experience. We allow God to be God in us. What an adventure!



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