Last month's meditation imagery

You slide down the biggest slide you have ever seen, about 1000 stories tall, but you are not scared. Your ride is as slow as you’d like. Birds fly around you and kiss your cheeks. Fireflies and friendly bats circle your head. You slide into the clouds and the moisture gently touches your shoulders and arms.

Coming out of the clouds you are in a landscape you don’t recognize. It’s unbelievably beautiful. Is it a beach, a meadow, a forest, or somewhere else? Your ride slows and you stand up at the bottom of the slide.

After a few steps a figure approaches you. Is it a small human, an animal, or something else? With no words being spoken you understand that this figure is your guide. You follow it into an area that intuitively you recognize as sacred. Maybe it’s a clearing in the forest or a fire on the beach or a cottage.

Both you and your guide sit quietly in the sacred space with your eye closed. In the stillness you listen. You receive words or a gift of knowing. Wait, pay attention, and receive.




Bonus meditation imagery  

You are a small furry animal—a bunny or a chick or something else. With little hops you jump into a rabbit hole. You let go and slide down and down through a tunnel. Colorful jagged gems reflect light in the walls of the tunnel. You enjoy the trip.

At the bottom of the tunnel an open lighter outdoor space welcomes you. Many small animals jump and hop and play. They each have a balloon. You, also, have a balloon. What color and what size is your balloon?

When you hop with your balloon, you can move much higher than without It. You can move five or six feet in the air. While you are suspended in the air, you do tricks—somersaults, flips, splits, anything you want. You are free. Notice how that feels.

Enjoy your freedom in the air in your imagery. When you open our eyes, notice that the freedom remains in your heart. Some limiting belief or attitude is released. Just notice.



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