Open Your Heart

Need some magic in your life?

Open Your Heart will appeal to your heart and your mind and your soul. The story entertains but the underlying message to trust your own inner wisdom will transform your experience from ordinary to magical. As one reviewer stated, "This is an amazing little novel, as entertaining as it is enlightening, and by the end you’ll understand what it means to embrace your own life fully and even ecstatically."

In Open Your Heart, Anne, a forty-something psychologist meets her inner world figures when they take physical form and offer her advice which is disconcerting, wise, touching, and funny. Anne has been successful in her business career but finds herself strangely dissatisfied with her life. In her frustration she prays, "Will somebody tell me what is going on?!"

And from that point her inner world figures present themselves to her. Hannah, her messy
disorganized Earth Mother, tells her that her spirituality has been "all in your head" and to open
her heart. Her Passion first appears as an anorexic indifferent young woman who can’t focus her
attention. Her Child, a ten-month-old baby boy, needs nurturing. With humor and compassion,
these inner world figures challenge Anne to listen. By doing so she discovers a peace and
creativity she has not previously known.

Another reviewer wrote: "Cherry’s story about Anne follows an archetypal pattern that has a universal, pragmatic appeal. In this life journey that Jung called individuation, he discovered internal subpersonalities–the lover within, the creative archetype, the wounded child, and the innocent/divine child. Cherry’s story reveals all of these motifs in a natural, diaogical style. . . Overall, Cherry’s story supports the spiritual view that the Soul is dynamically oriented toward an authentic happiness and freedom, in spite of the historical wounds and blockages which we all experience."

Open Your Heart appeals to women and men, young and older, because it reminds us that surrendering to our own inner guidance leads to a life of passion. We already have the wisdom we need; our challenge is to listen and trust.

Open Your Heart
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Max Gilbert says:

I really liked this book, way more than I expected to! Tight writing, riveting, fully-fleshed (if only imagined) unique characters, and a candid, profound truth that rings throughout the course of the book, “Open Your Heart” by  Dr. Ruth Cherry shows the good, the bad, and the power of human nature and our ability to overcome and change. We don’t have to stay stuck in an unhappy rut, we have the power within ourselves to change things if we just look and listen. It kept my attention the entire way and I could totally see this being a series if she wanted to, with different characters (like Anne) going through different life changes. It was easy and fun to read, and it’s the kind of book where you are gaining valuable insight and enlightenment, even if you don’t realize it at the time. This is more of a character-driven book that touches on emotional and psychological and spiritual, and is best geared towards adults.

Jean Oliver says:

Open Your Heart” was great!! Ruth Cherry, PhD has the ability to keep the reader totally engaged throughout the entire story, and that is no small feat considering the unorthodox storyline, the diverse set of characters that come and go, and the fact that this isn’t really a traditional novel with action, plot, consequences, high stakes, etc, but more of a personal, spiritual journey one woman goes on, and her experience in turn becomes ours... You want to keep reading it but at the same time you have to stop to think about it all and let it sink in as it is intense in the subject matter at certain points, and heartwarming and charming and downright depressing at other times. I’d love to read more from Dr. Cherry someday. Great insight… great writing… great storylines. Fantastic!

James Masters says:

Warning…when starting this book make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve finished it all!! Trust me on this! The book starts off with an enticing, humorous-yet-serious beginning and just keeps going from there as the thread of Anne’s life continues to unravel and gets put back again. I like how as each chapter progresses we are able to see almost a bird’s eye view of each different character as they play their role in the story. The characters were genuine and believable, (even if they weren’t “real”), and I think what I liked the most about this book was that it really held nothing back in terms of facing head on some emotional barriers and problems many people face, but maybe don’t want to admit it. It shows how we all have the power inside to overcome as long as we are willing to face the issues head on. But the story is done in a fun, almost campy-feel with some of the conversations and scenes. The best part about this book in my opinion really was the unique and creative characters that were a nice departure from the stock, standard figures we so frequently see. Felt like I learned a lot. Recommend.

Jason Thackery says:

I thought that his book was really cool. Super different from most types of ‘self-help’ books out there – it is delivered as a fiction story, but it feels real like it’s a documentary of Annie’s experiences. It feels like a mix of fiction/nonfiction and since the author is a psychologist (among other things) she uses her expertise in helping humans to understand their personal issues better in a way that we can relate to, and even enjoy. The characters were all interesting and well-written, and seem like they really each had a good role that helped shape Anne’s personal growth journey. Fast paced and engaging, it all came together seamlessly to tell an introspective, inspiring book that will affect your mind and “Open Your Heart.” Recommend for readers of literary drama, spiritual fiction and self-improvement.

Darlene Cupp says:

From the opening pages of “Open Your Heart” I knew it would be different from the books I’ve been reading lately and I was right! Right off the bat Ruth Cherry, PhD sets up the scenes and characterizations in a skillful way that not only pulls us in right away, but creates great visualizations and elicits emotional investments. This was the second book I’ve read by Dr. Cherry but I certainly hope it’s not the last. She really knows how to write descriptive and life-like scenes that make us feel like we are really there inside Anne’s head through the whole story, as opposed to it all just being rehashed to us and keeping us away from the action and her emotions (good and bad) as seems to happen so often in these types of books (with heavy narrative) I like that this book didn’t feel stale or derivative, but instead like a new niche of ‘real life’ self-improvement and spirituality that serves well to help diversify the genre in a very cool way. Overall the entire novel was one that I thought was impressive and kept me reading night after night and I loved how it ended.  I am looking forward to more from Ruth Cherry! Reviewers

Brenda Maxwell says:

I read a lot of books, but this one really stands out to me as being very creative and original and delivered in a unique manner. . . it was an engaging novel that held my interest and kept me entertained while opening my mind to many situations, and also making me think how it could relate to my own life as well. I enjoyed all the characters, from Hannah, Maggie and Theresa, Alex and Robbie… although one may say these characters represent ‘ideas or concepts’ more than actual people. I enjoyed the various characters/scenes/settings Cherry employs to show us the different motivations and ramifications of the various character interactions, and how the storylines weave together in a beautiful and fulfilling ending. This author crafts an authentic, engrossing novel that stays with you long after you are done, and makes you want to read more from her in the future and just has so much great advice for life you don’t even realize you are benefiting from. Wonderful read. Highly recommend. (5 stars)

John Goldman says:

First, I have to say that I don’t normally read books like this but I’d read a book by this same author last year (“Living in the Flow”) and it was truly incredible reading and a moving, eye-opening experience. I was looking for something out of my normal routine so I thought I’d give “Open Your Heart” a shot, even though it’s a slightly different style of book… Color me impressed!! I loved that this was a fiction novel, yet still had all the ingredients of a self-empowerment guide or a self-improvement book. Just so loaded with interesting insight and wisdom along the way wrapped up in a fun and entertaining story with delightful characters! There is such strong, vivid writing, and I appreciate that the main character Annie is so relatable and down to earth, but is flawed, and going through real transitions we can relate to. Liked Hannah, Theresa, Maggie, Rob…and all the others…Everything just felt “authentic” for lack of a better word. Dialogue, interactions, scenes, descriptions…I like that it was really unpredictable and we get to see the story from lots of angles. . . a very good read that I’d recommend even to those who don’t normally read this sort of thing…try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Carla Biggins says:

I totally enjoyed this book way more than I thought I might, even though I liked her other book, I LOVED this one! It was really weird and trippy and I totally mean that as a compliment. Read this with an open mind and heart and just receive the story and its lessons, don’t try to make it something that it isn’t. This isn’t some high stakes, thrilling action adventure or grand romance. It is about a woman who takes a sort of existential journey with some very unique and profound characters who represent different parts of herself and help her learn to be a better, more open person. I like that this was insightful to the human condition, but is entertaining as well. Love the conversations, and there were so many interesting concepts that made me think of some situations in my own life. It has a sassy quality that made it feel more ‘fun’ even though the plot got deep and profound at times. Suitable for teens on up and there are a ton of great one liners in here that I want to copy down for future reference! 

April Dawn says:

Wow, what an amazing journey! I’m not one for rehashing the plot (that’s what the summary is for on the book description page), but trust me when I say you’ve never read anything like this before! It’s quite spiritual (in a non-religious sort of way) and is not to be taken totally literally, more like a metaphor for life and the lessons we learn through experience and introspection and discussion. It is a fast and easy read, but it will take you through new ideas and perspectives that you may not have read before, and experiencing life through the various character’s perspective is as enlightening as it is entertaining. It’s funny and heartbreaking at times. But I like how the author inserts the different characters in Annie’s life depending on what she is going through and what she is learning. I like that it is written in present tense so we really feel like we are there with her (and them) throughout the whole journey. Not your typical novel with an arc and traditional storyline, more like watching people’s lives from a distance as they intertwine with each other’s in unexpected ways for unexpected results.  Overall an interesting novel that pushes the boundaries of typical philosophical/spiritual/metaphysical literature. Read it in just a few nights, and I enjoyed Ruth Cherry’s somewhat quirky writing style. Set the vibe well. Will look for more from her for sure.

Samantha Ryan says:

This book was a lot of fun and really different from most I’ve read before. Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing. It pulls you in from the beginning, and I really enjoyed Ruth Cherry’s voice and story writing style. The characters and subplots (or sections, parts of Anne’s life) were well developed and not predictable, and the conversations were some of the absolute best I’ve come across in a long time. The dialogue was genuine and real, like how real people talk. The characters were all interesting and well-conceived—flamboyant and important, interesting and insightful in their own way. I liked watching it all  unfold and seeing how people react to situations that can make their lives better or worse, depending upon how you view it. Absolutely loved the ending and was sad to have finished so quickly. A fun, unique experience that was enlightening and uplifting and I’d love to read more from Ruth Cherry in the future!

Gillian Hancock says:

What a very cool and unique book! “OPEN YOUR HEART” by author Ruth Cherry PhD is one of the most original and just flat-out interesting and charming novels I’ve read in a while. I’m not sure how to even describe it, as it is a fiction novel, yet doesn’t read like a typical one… more like a ‘real experience’ that a woman (the narrator Annie) has with her ‘guides’ that are part of herself and who help her change and grow. I’d read another book by this author last year (“Living in the Flow…” AMAZING book) but that one was nonfiction, and this one read more story-style, but with insightful and profound life lessons. I liked it for so many different reasons, first the writing was really fun and had great personality. The fluid, fast-paced narrative and witty dialogue makes it a very easy book to sink into. There are enough descriptions where you can picture everything perfectly, but not so much that it bogs down the pacing. The characters are super interesting and believable, even for being a bit odd (not really ‘real’) , and I like how they all had their own little stories and purposes to show Annie. Interesting to see how it all played out, and it is an insightful look at a character that we can so easily see ourselves in. Great editing and pacing and touches on many profound and insightful topics. Not a ‘self-help’ book, but very helpful (and entertaining) nonetheless. Recommend to fans of spiritual and metaphysical fiction. (5 stars)

Patricia Gordon, EdD

5 stars.

This book captured me and would not release me until the last page.

Although it is an amazing work of fiction, it is very inspiring and thought provoking.

The unique characters felt real and there are some delightful surprises.

John Giannini, author, Compass of the Soul:

Cherry’s story about Anne follows an archetypal pattern that has a universal, pragmatic appeal. In this life journey that Jung called individuation, he discovered internal subpersonalities–the lover within, the creative archetype, the wounded child, and the innocent/divine child. Cherry’s story reveals all of these motifs in a natural, dialogical style as the heroine overcomes a painful mid-life entrapment. Within a courageous, honest and trusting consciousness which is in total contrast to her otherwise previous need to control, she allows the wisdom of her Soul to unfold. Overall, Cherry’s story supports the spiritual view that the Soul is dynamically oriented toward an authentic happiness and freedom, in spite of the historical wounds and blockages which we all experience."

Joseph Kilikevice, OP, founder, Shem Center for Interfaith Spirituality:

Ruth Cherry creates a fascinating story. Here, the inner wisdom given to everyone comes alive through the loving and challenging presences of inner mentors. Much personal growth is recorded through the interactions between the life pilgrim and her companions. She moves from control to letting go into trust, from intellectualizing to responding to life with passion. To trust in and surrender to life is everyone’s sacred task. One senses that the inner voices encountered here are not unlike one’s own. We already have the wisdom we need. All we need do is welcome it home and listen.

Thomas Leo Ogren, author, Allergy-Free Gardening:

Open Your Heart, by Dr. Ruth Cherry, touched me deeply. This fine book is an exploration of odd and often perplexing experiences we all face as we come to grips with our middle years. The experiences of the "mid-life crazies" are depicted here metaphorically with sensitivity, gentleness, and humor. After reading this book I believe that I understand myself better and feel that I can and should trust my own feelings more. A very useful and constructive "self-help" book. I give the highest recommendation for this book, especially to anyone over 35 who perhaps wonders (as don't we all eventually?), What's it really all about?"

Eliza Brown says:

I absolutely loved “Open Your Heart,” and I’m usually pretty on the fence about a lot of these types of books…The characters all had their own distinct personalities and enough quirkiness so as not to feel like the cliché stereotypes, but you almost feel like they are being based on a real person, (or parts of). All the characters were very different and we never knew exactly how they would affect Anne, guessing as you read and also experiencing her transformations and spiritual epiphanies with her. Liked that it was never boring and kept on rolling. I would give you a summary, but there were so many twists and turns that it would take forever and it’s hard to describe in a way that does it justice. Writing was smooth and the present tense worked well. I like how real the characters seemed, and that they weren’t ‘preachy’ but just revealed their purpose and messages in an organic, profound manner. If you are expecting a traditional type novel you might be disappointed because this one is told in a more unique, almost surreal fashion that shows personal experiences and changes that the main character Anne goes through. But a compelling read and definitely worth my time.  Highly recommend. (5 stars)

Marcella Gonzales says:

Open Your Heart” by Dr. Ruth Cherry has a great blend of many elements - drama, personal struggles and triumph, humor and sadness, surreal and spiritual, philosophical and profound… weird characters and relatable ones…….but I was impressed by the seamless narrative  and transitions with the different characters. I enjoyed Ms. Cherry’s skillful word-play and the way that the characters did a great job of progressing the storyline with Anne. We really get deep inside Anne’s psyche, and there is a dynamic cast of characters who have their own stories to tell and interesting conflicts to help her to overcome. Always found myself reading for longer than I planned to, as there was never a place I’d get to and want to “stop.” This is good, too. Liked the ending, and think that despite the unusual storytelling style, this book will have wide ranging appeal. I can see fans of literary self-improvement books gobbling it up.

Corey Banyan says:

One thing I like about this book by Dr. Ruth Cherry is that her narrative prose is some of the most lovely, intimate and profound I’ve read in a while, the way she brings the scenes to life and the attention to personal details on each character really gave this story genuine authenticity, despite the somewhat ‘fantastical’ nature of it.  I actually feel like I was there inside this crazy world with Annie, Hannah, Maggie, Rob, Alex, et al…. It is literary/drama/comedy/spiritual/ psychological/self-help all in one, and feels fresh and original enough and is definitely unpredictable. It is more than just a regular book and really encompasses so much more of the human condition –  and it is also funny at times, despite being so ‘deep.’ I chuckled at some of the dialogue and really enjoyed watching the characters evolve as the story progressed. Thought it wrapped up well and I was satisfied with how it all played out. Recommend.

Jenna Brewster says:

This is the second book I’ve read from Dr. Cherry, (the first being “Living in the Flow” – Amazing!) This one, “Open Your Heart” was a little different, but still a brilliantly fun and creative novel that borders on the surreal and existential. The title comes from the lead character Annie who faces her personal problems with the help of the different characters who come, and even though they are part of her imagination, they are a part of her and they help to shine light on her issues and guide her to self-discovering and healing…’opening her heart.’ But as we read along, we can see how many of these insights can apply to us as well and perhaps help our own lives. So much of our happiness and success relies on what we tell ourselves on a daily basis, and our mental state controls almost everything! All in all, a very good read that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to experience a different type of book that will teach and entertain you.

Stephan Beacher says:

Open Your Heart” is a unique, compelling read, and one that will definitely appeal to fans of literary fiction and spiritual self-improvement novels. Although the concept itself isn’t entirely new, (main character facing her personal struggles through introspection and reflection vis- a-vis other characters), Dr. Ruth Cherry brings an exciting fresh voice and infuses a fantastic blend of professional expertise, spiritual awareness, literary chops, emotional and personal experiences, true-to-life feeling events and characters, and an inspiring message. The story itself was fairly fast paced, and some parts really moved me. I highlighted more lines and passages in this book than any other I’ve ever read! The writing is very smooth and I was happy with how it all turned out. and thought the overall tone of the book was fun, especially considering it has sort of a darker theme at times.

Nicole Hastings says:

Awesome. Once I started reading “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, I didn’t want to put it down until I’d finished. Seemed never a good place just to stop for a while as the story continued to get more interesting and complex, and so I ended up reading it all in one night! Some really profound and clever scenarios that come to life in a way that makes you wonder what it all means, and what will happen next. I liked the ending . .  it gave me a good feeling to read it. Definitely different, but at the same time very comforting and speaks to your heart in unexpected ways. A great read for anyone who is struggling or just wants to feel better—this is a good one for you.

 Jhonne Parker says:

I thought this book by Ruth Cherry, PhD to be very good—decent writing and a compelling, complex and engaging plot set against a believable (enough) background. It is real, yet has elements of the metaphysical and even a spiritual vibe. I like the fact that it is a fully-realized tale with a fun cast of  characters, each with their own function and special purpose, but without all the bloat that can sometimes weigh down a complex book like this one (especially in a book that falls into the ‘self help’ realm). Cherry does a great job keeping Annie’s story moving forward with great character interactions that reveal part of her life and soul’s purpose, but is also entertaining, charming, and heartwarming. As the story moves forward and you can't help but get sucked into Dr. Cherry’s strong narrative. And I haven't even begun to talk about the characters, which were authentic, genuine  and move the story forward nicely.  Not a typical model of a novel, but one that feels more literary and transcends type. Recommend for fans of literary and spiritual self help fiction.

 Steph Coleman says:

Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry is an interesting and unusual piece of fiction no one should miss if they are looking for an ingenious, insightful, entertaining read that has great characters and can show you some wonderful ideas to change some ways of negative or destructive thinking and patterns… I was impressed with Dr. Ruth Cherry’s ability to not ‘lecture’ facts and figures, but rather to tell a powerful, authentic story that is highly relatable on many levels and stays with you. The best way to learn something is to have it explained in a way that no matter who you are or where you come from in life, there are universal truths that pertains to us all as humans. This is done nicely here and I am impressed with the way that Dr. Cherry can tell a story in her own way with characters that we love and can teach us more about ourselves. I looked forward to my reading time each evening and was sad when it was over. Hope she delivers more on the same vein.

Karen Matthews says:

Open your Heart” by Ruth Cherry was great! I’d read and enjoyed her other book, so I was curious to see what this one would offer (although the other was nonfiction and this one is fiction). Great dialogue and it is funnier and more introspective than I thought it would be. It is a quick read, one I finished in the course of a few evenings, and thought the narrative was great, very spunky and clever  . . . I really enjoyed it. I will be looking forward to reading more books from Ruth Cherry as they always have great advice and insight that will warm … and open… your heart.

Kaylee Stevens says:

I was hooked from the first intriguing pages of “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, PhD, and my interest never faded for a moment! I loved the creative and strong characters (like Hannah, Marguerite, Theresa, Alex…) and how they come into Annie’s life to teach her how to improve different parts of herself, and how to “Open Her Heart.” This is not set up like a standard novel (with a clear plot or 3 act storyline), but more of a literary and spiritual experience that feels surreal, yet so real. Almost reads like stream of consciousness at times, and other times you are reading fast paced, witty banter that will make you chuckle. I love how Ruth Cherry really thought outside the box here and took chances – didn’t just rehash the same old formula we’ve all seen a million times before which makes this book unique. I’ve read a ton of books over the years so I’m rarely surprised by anything anymore but I can say that this author managed to do it. I appreciated the brisk pace and the descriptive details that really brought the story to life and put us so clearly in Annie’s head and heart. I absolutely loved the ending and can’t wait to read more books from this in-tune and in-touch author!

Anabella Johnson says:

 “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry PhD is one of the more different, and fun, books I’ve read in long time! I was completely drawn in from the get-go in the different characters’ personalities and watched as they slowly became entwined and deeper in Annie’s life and her psyche—their character roles and purposes were revealed. Enjoyed Ms. Cherry’s literary ‘voice’ and thought the characters to be really well done. This isn’t like a normal    novel where they are real people, but they have such interesting personalities and     purposes and their conversations with Annie are great! This level of complexity with the   various interweaving subplots and cast of interconnected characters could have ended up badly but instead I read the whole thing in two nights! While presented in a more unusual  fashion, the writing is genuine and authentic, as is the dialogue in a way that truly brings this memorable story to life and impacts us as readers (and students, in a way…). A fast   read with a beautiful ending that is also entertaining. (5 stars)
Midwest Book Review:
Truly a labor of love, Open Your Heart is a comforting message in the face of uncertain crossroads. Recommended for anyone caught in the throes of a mid-life reexamination of their existence.
Open Your Heart is a book about integrity. Only complete integration of even the messy parts can set things aright and make a person whole. A fabled tale of the unconscious, the familiar personalities who visit Anne might be compared to classic archetypes. She puts a 21st century spin on an idea that is timeless. Reading Open Your Heart has helped open mine a little wider.  And for that I am grateful."

J. Aislynn d'Merricksson for the San Francisco Book Review

Dr Cherry has written a most marvelous contemporary fable illustrating how we can use our rich inner landscapes and inner guides--our archetypes, our eudaimons, those voices inside that are both ours and "not ours"--to find true guidance and intuitive wisdom, and how we can reshape our lives by letting go and releasing the emotional blocks we’ve thrown up.
Open Your Heart is a brilliant must-read that shows just how much fun personifying our archetypes can be and how valuable those lesson are. Highly recommended.

Susan Pyburn, New Life Times:

In Open Your Heart, Ruth Cherry invites the reader into the mid-life dance of a woman whose picture perfect life and brilliant career has saddled her with a profound unease. An inner angst gnaws around the edges of her victories and leaves her feeling that there is a lot about being alive that she is not getting.
Anne is both repelled and drawn in by brassy, slovenly Hannah, whose interest in being far exceeds any concern with appearances. The story moves through a series of encounters with characters who appear, uninvited, and refuse to leave until they are heard. I find it even better on the second read, mulling over the personalities and looking at my own life, digging deeper for the thread of commonality that lies at the heart of a good story.

And a good story it is. Cherry writes breezily and well, her descriptions honest, vivid and immediate. The characterizations are distinctly drawn and easily imagined. Scarcely over 100 pages, this is a snappy little book that begs rereading to better grasp the nuances and their deeper meaning.

Reading Open Your Heart reminds me to listen carefully for my own inner voices, so as not to miss the wisdom they may bring. Not a self-help book, it anticipates no nameable malady. Rather, like sitting down with a friend over a pot of tea, I have come away feeling nurtured, with a sense of gentle welcome for those unheard parts of myself, begging to be let in.

Open Your Heart is a book about integrity. Only complete integration of even the messy parts can set things aright and make a person whole. A fabled tale of the unconscious, the familiar personalities who visit Anne might be compared to classic archetypes. She puts a 21st century spin on an idea that is timeless. Reading Open Your Heart has helped open mine a little wider. And for that I am grateful.

About Open Your Heart, Self-Publishing Review writes:
"An uplifting work of fiction. Cherry has constructed this story as a gentle teaching tool, adding just the right guidance at the right moment for the development of Anne’s new, stronger self. Writing the book as fiction has allowed Cherry to open up the narrative in a way that is more engaging and more persuasive than other books in the genre. Open Your Heart is an effective and inspiring novel that will appeal strongly to those seeking new paths and new goals."

Megan King says:

I liked “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, PhD for a few reasons. First— it was easy to read, not overly complicated, just an entertaining story written with creative characters and life lessons that tie together without dragging things out. It's one of the those books you pick up and just finish before you realized it's over, like eating comfort food. The simplicity, yet insightful and wisdom-packed pages and witty dialogue  and quirky characters were great. I enjoyed the unique style and character building Dr. Cherry uses, and really felt like I was inside Annie’s head as she works out these issues with her various ‘friends.’ This book has unexpected depth, but I also feel like it does have its darker side, even for being so enlightening, but that’s what kept me so hooked. When I was finished I closed my Kindle and smiled, for it was a good and different and makes you feel better after reading it. Stands out from a crowd.  I'll want to read more books from Ruth Cherry for sure.

Laura Clarke says:

Fast-paced, well-written character-driven psychological/metaphysical drama “Open Your Heart ” really impressed me by its originality in many areas and terrific insight and an emotionally substantial (and genuinely clever) premise. I’ve read a few books from Dr. Ruth Cherry now, and she is a talented author whose creative vision breaks new ground but follows comfortingly familiar elements for the genre, and even invented some new ones. This is a story that kept me glued to the pages for hours, lost within an interesting world with characters that fascinated me to no end. Love that last line though “Just open my heart and surrender to life”. Perfect! A riveting journey that entertained and taught me some things, and I will gladly read more from Ruth Cherry anytime. Recommend.

Sherrie Warner says:

This is the second book I’ve read from this author, and it was great. This is a ‘spiritual fiction’ novel that is different from what I normally read, but I felt a great sense of connection to the character of Annie, and her experiences became mine. “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, PhD is excellently written, premise and pacing-wise (the ‘plot’ is more vague and loosely defined than most novels), and it definitely kept my attention from the intriguing opening to the satisfying, somewhat open-ended conclusion. It is easy to read quickly… finished it in the span of a few nights, but got a ton of story for my money, that’s for sure. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well-described (where we feel like we are there) the conversations were all very real-sounding. But the best part was how Annie has a great narrative insight to problems she is working through, and ways she wants to open herself up and be better, and this is done with her meeting some characters along the way. (Who are special in their own way). It is eye-opening, enlightening, and encouraging… a fun, different type of story that kept me eagerly glued to my kindle until the late hours of the evening. I felt like I got a lot out of this book and would read more from Dr. Cherry anytime. She has a real talent for creating a well-thought out story and delivering on the drama, making us laugh, be shocked, and think.

Cam Jones says:

I enjoyed this novel by Ruth Cherry, PhD. It is the second one I’ve read by this author but hopefully it won’t be the last! There’s lots of complex emotional action, great character and story development, flashes of humor, and some genuinely profound moments. The world Dr. Cherry creates feels like a composite of familiar elements, but there is enough originality so that I don’t feel like I’ve read it before at all… Dr. Cherry is great at breaking down the unfolding plot into manageable chunks so as not to overshadow the bigger picture of it all. Anne is on a spiritual ‘adventure’ and as the story unfolds and she meets these different characters who are a part of herself,  you can see that there’s more complexity here than you’d initially expect. A fast paced read that I didn’t want to put down, especially towards the end. Hope there will be more like this soon!

Leo Gregory says:

Open Your Heart” was an interesting blend of profound insight, intrigue, drama, and personal conflict, humor, and warm-hearted inspiration. I liked how the author, Ruth Cherry, PhD, managed to weave together this unique, deep and complex—but not confusing—story of a woman and her ‘friends’ who assist her with personal growth in a wonderful way! It definitely held my attention throughout, because it’s the story of a woman who goes from one part of herself to another, each facing its own challenges and discoveries, and eventually coming to a grand awakening of sorts at the end. It had a nice balance between the introspective narrative and the clever dialogue. And some of the ordinary scenes (like ‘cooking’) were some of my favorite parts. Great dialogue and love the unpredictable nature of the storyline. Dr. Cherry delivers an entertaining, original tale that is edgy and amusing and enlightening.

Nicola Flood says:

Wow, “Open Your Heart” By Dr. Ruth Cherry was awesome! I haven’t read anything like that in a long time, if ever. For once it seemed like the characters were anything but the ordinary, but instead were more like ‘ideas’ in human form that come to life to guide Anne on her path to spiritual growth. I like reading books like this, and like that it makes us take a look at our own lives in a different way. This book brings it all home and I was totally invested until the very end. I loved the way the plot line unfolded and the narrative was touching as well as ‘teaching’… even when we don’t realize it. It felt as real as it could be… But I was really invested in how it would all turn out for Anne, and was really happy with the ending. I thought overall it was a genuinely good book, that is very different from the norm, but that is why it is so great. Recommend.
(5 stars)

Darla Ortiz says:

This was one emotional roller coaster ride that I was not expecting. It’s a fast read, one I finished in just a few sittings, and the brisk narrative is perfect tempo for a book of this genre. Dr. Ruth Cherry, PhD (author of “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment”) uses great word economy and doesn’t bore us with too many extraneous actions or unnecessary details, yet the narrative is so deep at times. The story is a collection of different ‘scenes’ and interactions/conversations with the main character “Anne” and her personal ‘adventure’ with the different characters who come into her life, each who impart their own special brand of guidance and wisdom on different aspects of her life. Riveting and addicting, it is really different from most books I’ve read, but that’s why I liked it so much. Recommend.

Cody Brighton says:

There is much to be said about a novel that just reads well.  . . a book that keeps you reading long after you plan on putting it down ranks high for me. Not only is it entertaining, but you look forward to getting back into the book each and every time you pick it up, if you have the self-control to ever put it down. That is what reading this book “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, PhD has done for me. Typical of much of philosophical and self-help/spiritual fiction I’ve read, it has much in the way of insightful candor and grand scale epiphanies, reasoning and questioning to lead one to a higher state of being and awareness, yet it still remains inventive and very creative. With each evolving scene, you won't know who… or what… will show up next and how they will affect Anne’s growth. The plot moved quickly and even though some traditional literary archetypes show up, it is not in the usual way, which is refreshing. Loved the ending. Another wonderful book by Dr. Ruth Cherry, and I will be looking forward to reading more from her in the future. (5 stars)

Layla Messing says:

Another fantastic book by Ruth Cherry.  This is really different from the first one I read, but still has that warm and friendly ‘voice’ that I enjoyed so much in the other one, and also great insight and feels uplifting (even when bleak). Overall the pacing was decent, with adequate balance of narrative and dialogue, and the book just flew by very quickly for me. I appreciate the energetic manner of storytelling that was employed by Dr. Cherry, and how it gets deep into the internal conflicts Anne faces, but doesn’t get weighed down with ‘woe is me’ melodrama. Quite the opposite. Reads very quickly, even literary almost, even in the funnier moments, and all felt very true-to-life, even if the characters were imagined. Plenty of interesting conversations to keep us engaged throughout, and I loved how it all came together in the end.  A riveting read . . . very enjoyable and entertaining. Would love to read more from Dr. Cherry in the future.

Cale Owens says:

Great writing, great ideas (and lines), great characters and conversations, great premise and life lessons…. Overall a terrific read that I feel really delivered in terms of recognizing and dealing with and overcoming our human flaws and insecurities and fears that can stop our hearts from being open and living our fullest, best life. I admit this isn’t really my normal genre of reading, but the sample pulled me in and it was just so easy and fun to read and different from much that is out there. I thought the writing was descriptive and the characters really helped bring the story to life in a relatable way, even though some are quite funny! Deep and introspective at times, funny and lighthearted at others.

Rev. Leona Evans, author, Nothing is Too Good to be True:

With great warmth and pathos, Dr. Ruth Cherry offers women a wonderful opportunity to explore their many selves. I love this book and highly recommend it as a nurturing tool for women in mid-life transition.

Stacy Decker says:

Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry, PhD, is one of the more unusual and uniquely-styled novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading lately. I became interested in the story right away with the writing, and subsequent meeting of the various characters who appear and teach Annie (and us) how to love, open our heart, have passion, and be free to be who we really are.  More philosophical and witty than a typical straightforward novel, “Open Your Heart” has many interesting characters and stories in Anne’s development that keep you totally hooked right up until the end, which was very, very lovely and made me very happy. It was interesting to see how it all played out and there are some great messages here to be learned. I really enjoyed it and would love to read more from Dr. Cherry in the future.

Claire Middleton says:

Lately I’ve been in a rut of putting down books and not picking them up again because I lost interest at one point and just never continued. This was definitely not the case with this book, “Open Your Heart” by Ruth Cherry! I thought I’d probably like it just because I’d read another book by her and really loved her style of writing and especially her narrative tone and voice. Not dry or boring, but spunky, sassy and like how real people talk --- like a friend. From the very beginning of the book we are drawn into this unusual world of Annie’s as she starts meeting some ‘people’ who appear to her and help impart some life lessons and reveal truths about herself. The way this is done, though, is that as the reader we are also learning these lessons as well. SO much wonderful insight and I think I must have highlighted at least 20 passages on my Kindle. One of my favorites is: “I know that I will now, finally, be living on my own terms. Not Intimidated, not pleasing, not fearful, not trying to predict the future, not second-guessing someone else, not needing anyone to validate me or eve walk with me, and not trying to fit in.” (WOW). While the writing style used by Cherry is fairly unorthodox, it works here and the story flowed seamlessly from one page to the next, and from one character to the other. Perfect ending that really hits home. Loved it. (5 stars)

Stacey Chillemi,
The Complete Herbal Guide:

For those who love spiritual fiction books; this is one book you won’t be able to put down! A book filled with entertainment, tips, tools & techniques that will inspire you and give you a new prescription on how to view life differently from how our society perceives it.
Ruth’s passion and creativity are expressed in her work. For forty years, she practiced individual psychotherapy. She devised her orientation to working with the unconscious inner world from her interest in imagery.
Dr. Cherry has written five books but never decided to write a book. They just came to her as the words set in her intuition. Each time, she felt the pull to sit at the computer, then as Ruth tuned into her mind, the words naturally flowed to the computer screen. “Open Your Heart” was one of those unpredictable masterpieces.
I found this book to be very inspiring, entertaining, and motivational. Packed with an entertaining story and a very powerful message behind this spiritual fiction book, “Open Your Heart,” is filled with fabulous insight on how to cope, overcome and turn your life around including outstanding examples on how to break the walls that many people build to protect themselves from hurt and destruction.
Anne the main character experiences truths and triumphs in her daily life using her inner voice Hannah as a direction to help her let go of the past, focus on the present, so she can open her heart to let the wonderful aspects of life into her world. As Hannah puts it, “surrendering to life.”
The book is filled with fun-loving characters that draw you into the book and make you crave for more.
This intriguing spiritual fiction book begins in the kitchen as Ruth Cherry introduces you to Hannah, the main character’s (Anne’s) inner voice, the character Hannah who she created from within, guides her and helps her with the situations that impact her present life.
Dr. Ruth Cherry’s book, “Open Your Heart,” gave me the insights to understand that we cannot control the world around us or the people who live in it, but we can change how we react to people and situations by listening to our inner self and following our heart.
Dr. Cherry’s message in the book is to teach to let go, listen to the heart, and surrender to life. Our life presents us with exactly the opportunities we need to heal and to grow. We can trust life. Life knows us better than we know ourselves and life know what we need to experience in order to heal. Healing is moving more fully into our highest and best self.
The ending of the book will leave you speechless as this well-paced spiritual fiction touches your heart and gives you the surprise of your life as the author provides an amazing, unexpected ending that will “Open Your Heart.” Get ready for a whirlwind of emotion as this heartwarming inspirational fiction will bring you closer to a surprising resolution that you wouldn’t anticipate. I find Open Your Heart a rewarding, motivating, inspiring and an enjoyable read.

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