Open Your Heart
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5 stars.

This book captured me and would not release me until the last page.

Although it is an amazing work of fiction, it is very inspiring and thought provoking.

The unique characters felt real and there are some delightful surprises.

Patricia Gordon, EdD

John Giannini, author, Compass of the Soul:

Cherry’s story about Anne follows an archetypal pattern that has a universal, pragmatic appeal. In this life journey that Jung called individuation, he discovered internal subpersonalities–the lover within, the creative archetype, the wounded child, and the innocent/divine child. Cherry’s story reveals all of these motifs in a natural, dialogical style as the heroine overcomes a painful mid-life entrapment. Within a courageous, honest and trusting consciousness which is in total contrast to her otherwise previous need to control, she allows the wisdom of her Soul to unfold. Overall, Cherry’s story supports the spiritual view that the Soul is dynamically oriented toward an authentic happiness and freedom, in spite of the historical wounds and blockages which we all experience."

Joseph Kilikevice, OP, founder, Shem Center for Interfaith Spirituality:

Ruth Cherry creates a fascinating story. Here, the inner wisdom given to everyone comes alive through the loving and challenging presences of inner mentors. Much personal growth is recorded through the interactions between the life pilgrim and her companions. She moves from control to letting go into trust, from intellectualizing to responding to life with passion. To trust in and surrender to life is everyone’s sacred task. One senses that the inner voices encountered here are not unlike one’s own. We already have the wisdom we need. All we need do is welcome it home and listen.

Thomas Leo Ogren, author, Allergy-Free Gardening:

Open Your Heart, A Mid-Life Fable, by Dr. Ruth Cherry, touched me deeply. This fine book is an exploration of odd and often perplexing experiences we all face as we come to grips with our middle years. The experiences of the "mid-life crazies" are depicted here metaphorically with sensitivity, gentleness, and humor. After reading this book I believe that I understand myself better and feel that I can and should trust my own feelings more. A very useful and constructive "self-help" book. I give the highest recommendation for this book, especially to anyone over 35 who perhaps wonders (as don't we all eventually?), What's it really all about?"

Rev. Leona Evans, author, Nothing is Too Good to be True:

With great warmth and pathos, Dr. Ruth Cherry offers women a wonderful opportunity to explore their many selves. I love this book and highly recommend it as a nurturing tool for women in mid-life transition.

Midwest Book Review:
Truly a labor of love, Open Your Heart is a comforting message in the face of uncertain crossroads. Recommended for anyone caught in the throes of a mid-life reexamination of their existence.
Open Your Heart is a book about integrity. Only complete integration of even the messy parts can set things aright and make a person whole. A fabled tale of the unconscious, the familiar personalities who visit Anne might be compared to classic archetypes. She puts a 21st century spin on an idea that is timeless. Reading Open Your Heart has helped open mine a little wider.  And for that I am grateful."

Susan Pyburn, New Life Times:

In Open Your Heart, Ruth Cherry invites the reader into the mid-life dance of a woman whose picture perfect life and brilliant career has saddled her with a profound unease. An inner angst gnaws around the edges of her victories and leaves her feeling that there is a lot about being alive that she is not getting.
Anne is both repelled and drawn in by brassy, slovenly Hannah, whose interest in being far exceeds any concern with appearances. The story moves through a series of encounters with characters who appear, uninvited, and refuse to leave until they are heard. I find it even better on the second read, mulling over the personalities and looking at my own life, digging deeper for the thread of commonality that lies at the heart of a good story.

And a good story it is. Cherry writes breezily and well, her descriptions honest, vivid and immediate. The characterizations are distinctly drawn and easily imagined. Scarcely over 100 pages, this is a snappy little book that begs rereading to better grasp the nuances and their deeper meaning.

Reading Open Your Heart reminds me to listen carefully for my own inner voices, so as not to miss the wisdom they may bring. Not a self-help book, it anticipates no nameable malady. Rather, like sitting down with a friend over a pot of tea, I have come away feeling nurtured, with a sense of gentle welcome for those unheard parts of myself, begging to be let in.

Open Your Heart is a book about integrity. Only complete integration of even the messy parts can set things aright and make a person whole. A fabled tale of the unconscious, the familiar personalities who visit Anne might be compared to classic archetypes. She puts a 21st century spin on an idea that is timeless. Reading Open Your Heart has helped open mine a little wider. And for that I am grateful.

About Open Your Heart, Self-Publishing Review writes:
"An uplifting work of fiction. Cherry has constructed this story as a gentle teaching tool, adding just the right guidance at the right moment for the development of Anne’s new, stronger self. Writing the book as fiction has allowed Cherry to open up the narrative in a way that is more engaging and more persuasive than other books in the genre. Open Your Heart is an effective and inspiring novel that will appeal strongly to those seeking new paths and new goals."

Dr Cherry has written a most marvelous contemporary fable illustrating how we can use our rich inner landscapes and inner guides--our archetypes, our eudaimons, those voices inside that are both ours and "not ours"--to find true guidance and intuitive wisdom, and how we can reshape our lives by letting go and releasing the emotional blocks we’ve thrown up.

Open Your Heart is a brilliant must-read that shows just how much fun personifying our archetypes can be and how valuable those lesson are. Highly recommended.

J. Aislynn d'Merricksson for the San Francisco Book Review

Stacey Chillemi,
The Complete Herbal Guide:

For those who love spiritual fiction books; this is one book you won’t be able to put down! A book filled with entertainment, tips, tools & techniques that will inspire you and give you a new prescription on how to view life differently from how our society perceives it.
Ruth’s passion and creativity are expressed in her work. For forty years, she practiced individual psychotherapy. She devised her orientation to working with the unconscious inner world from her interest in imagery.
Dr. Cherry has written five books but never decided to write a book. They just came to her as the words set in her intuition. Each time, she felt the pull to sit at the computer, then as Ruth tuned into her mind, the words naturally flowed to the computer screen. “Open Your Heart” was one of those unpredictable masterpieces.
I found this book to be very inspiring, entertaining, and motivational. Packed with an entertaining story and a very powerful message behind this spiritual fiction book, “Open Your Heart,” is filled with fabulous insight on how to cope, overcome and turn your life around including outstanding examples on how to break the walls that many people build to protect themselves from hurt and destruction.
Anne the main character experiences truths and triumphs in her daily life using her inner voice Hannah as a direction to help her let go of the past, focus on the present, so she can open her heart to let the wonderful aspects of life into her world. As Hannah puts it, “surrendering to life.”
The book is filled with fun-loving characters that draw you into the book and make you crave for more.
This intriguing spiritual fiction book begins in the kitchen as Ruth Cherry introduces you to Hannah, the main character’s (Anne’s) inner voice, the character Hannah who she created from within, guides her and helps her with the situations that impact her present life.
Dr. Ruth Cherry’s book, “Open Your Heart,” gave me the insights to understand that we cannot control the world around us or the people who live in it, but we can change how we react to people and situations by listening to our inner self and following our heart.
Dr. Cherry’s message in the book is to teach to let go, listen to the heart, and surrender to life. Our life presents us with exactly the opportunities we need to heal and to grow. We can trust life. Life knows us better than we know ourselves and life know what we need to experience in order to heal. Healing is moving more fully into our highest and best self.
The ending of the book will leave you speechless as this well-paced spiritual fiction touches your heart and gives you the surprise of your life as the author provides an amazing, unexpected ending that will “Open Your Heart.” Get ready for a whirlwind of emotion as this heartwarming inspirational fiction will bring you closer to a surprising resolution that you wouldn’t anticipate. I find Open Your Heart a rewarding, motivating, inspiring and an enjoyable read.

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