Open Your Heart

Need some magic in your life?

Open Your Heart will appeal to your heart and your mind and your soul. The story entertains but the underlying message to trust your own inner wisdom will transform your experience from ordinary to magical. As one reviewer stated, "This is an amazing little novel, as entertaining as it is enlightening, and by the end you’ll understand what it means to embrace your own life fully and even ecstatically."

In Open Your Heart, Anne, a forty-something psychologist meets her inner world figures when they take physical form and offer her advice which is disconcerting, wise, touching, and funny. Anne has been successful in her business career but finds herself strangely dissatisfied with her life. In her frustration she prays, "Will somebody tell me what is going on?!"

And from that point her inner world figures present themselves to her. Hannah, her messy
disorganized Earth Mother, tells her that her spirituality has been "all in your head" and to open
her heart. Her Passion first appears as an anorexic indifferent young woman who can’t focus her
attention. Her Child, a ten-month-old baby boy, needs nurturing. With humor and compassion,
these inner world figures challenge Anne to listen. By doing so she discovers a peace and
creativity she has not previously known.

Another reviewer wrote: "Cherry’s story about Anne follows an archetypal pattern that has a universal, pragmatic appeal. In this life journey that Jung called individuation, he discovered internal subpersonalities–the lover within, the creative archetype, the wounded child, and the innocent/divine child. Cherry’s story reveals all of these motifs in a natural, diaogical style. . . Overall, Cherry’s story supports the spiritual view that the Soul is dynamically oriented toward an authentic happiness and freedom, in spite of the historical wounds and blockages which we all experience."

Open Your Heart appeals to women and men, young and older, because it reminds us that surrendering to our own inner guidance leads to a life of passion. We already have the wisdom we need; our challenge is to listen and trust.

Open Your Heart is available from Amazon.


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