Our Three Judges

     We’re given trials as part of our life journey.  An expected good doesn’t materialize. A friendship ends badly. We lose what we thought we’d gain. Surprise disappointments dot our days. What do we do?
     For each trial we’re assigned three judges. Our inner Critic has been with us seemingly forever. Characteristically, he responds, “It’s your fault. Just another example of how you are not good enough.” We sigh and hurt and feel ashamed. That’s his job—to shame us and hurt us and leave us further away from our Adult.
     The second judge is the Observer we practice when we meditate. The Observer is grounded, has no agenda, and is present to what is at each second. The Observer notices  . . .  and releases  . . .  and notices . . .  and releases. No matter what is the Observer maintains detachment, never condemning or belittling, just acknowledging.
     The third judge is the divine I Am.  This judge knows your core is good and deserving of good. Your behavior doesn’t affect this judge’s total unconditional acceptance. Whatever you did in the past is unimportant to this judge for he focuses on the present and the future. He knows you have another choice and chance today and tonight and tomorrow.
     His concern is the very long term. He will support you in learning what you need to learn and he doesn’t limit you or pressure you. You may have all the experiences you want. He doesn’t condemn you for your choices or love you less but he does insist that you grow.
     The first judge has the loudest voice and the most familiar one. The second judge allows us to look at the first judge without being destroyed. The third judge opens our hearts and allows us to believe in ourselves. Because he knows that we deserve the highest and the best, we can know it, also. We can learn to listen to this judge and to see the world as he sees it and to see ourselves with his gentleness and compassion and trust. Lovingly, he invites us to grow into ourselves.


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