Our Truth

Inspiring books abound. Teachers offer us their wisdom. It’s all true and applicable and . . . somewhat irrelevant by mid-life. Our unconscious roars and strains and demands our attention when we reach our forties and fifties. Acknowledged leaders have shared their truth but now it’s our truth we want. What has worked for someone else is fine to know but it’s experience that teaches.

We move from the intellectual to the core-of-our-being essence to experience our spirituality in personal, momentary terms. What it is we have struggled with our whole lives (health, relationships, finances, work) is what instructs us and it isn’t a lesson we learn through reading. We feel the same old fear and hurt and insecurity and self-doubt. We stay with our process more deeply through greater intensity than we ever have known. That commitment to being ourselves carries us into a realm in which we are larger than we thought we were and our problems are simply guideposts which lead us to clarity. A curtain opens and we see the truth which has been hidden — the truth about ourselves and about life.

We see that we are just fine the way we are this second. Our struggles were rooted in mistaken beliefs. Now we access clarity in personal terms and we perceive others more clearly in their truth. Our blinders have distorted our vision. Now they evaporate. 



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