The Power of Imagination

Mental pictures roll through our heads (without our awareness) all day (and probably all night). Always a movie plays on the screen of our mind. Many of our images have lived decades in our personal movie projector, originating when we felt powerless and frustrated. At that early time we may have accepted limitation as an inherent part of life.


Fortunately, we can reload our projector any time. We can play the image that we choose of the day we own our power and move graciously through life. We can see ourselves free from our limiting fears and out-dated beliefs, open to give and receive abundantly. Our inspired imagination can show us the best life can be.  And that’s a movie for us today, this minute.


We want to pay attention to that elevated image of ourselves and say “Yes.” We replace unwanted images with pictures of ourselves transformed, whole, and vibrant.


Our imagination is ours today. It’s the only force that keeps the confining past alive. It’s also the force that propels us into a fulfilling present. Our imagination is real and influences our experience in the world. What we hope to see around us, we need to first see inside us. Over and over and over. And choose it and affirm it and accept it. Transformation is available to us. Our imagination helps us practice owning the life we want.




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