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Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

by Ruth Cherry, PhD


Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment is designed for anyone who faces a challenge--physical, emotional, financial, relational. This work translates time-tested wisdom principles into daily activities. The reader learns what vibrational alignment is and how it can contribute to healing. 

Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment is more than a book to be read. It offers the reader a life orientation with which to deal with any challenge. 

The author, Ruth Cherry, PhD, trusted the Unity/New Thought teachings when she was diagnosed with MS. Her background as a clinical psychologist and a meditator supported her in understanding that healing is unlimited. This is her story personally with seven months of her journal writing as well as professionally as she teaches readers to know their inner worlds. With its powerful message and inspirational tone, no other book of this kind exists on the market today.

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Ruth Cherry, PhD, is a a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Luis Obispo, CA. In more than thirty-five years of doing psychotherapy, she has learned that trusting our unconscious guidance is the life challenge for each of us; thus, that is the foundation for all of Ruth's writing. Her passion and creativity express in her work.

In her first book, Good People, she discusses the unconscious in terms of subpersonalities. Her second book, Matters of the Soul, expands the notion of the unconscious from the personal psychological realm to include the transpersonal. 

Her two guided meditation CDs provide new meditators with frequent prompts to anchor their meditations. Ruth offers a guided meditation group daily.

Ruth’s web site is 



Reviews And Endorsements For

Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment


Ruth Cherry's approach to meditation leads cleanly in the direction of what we all want: a life of more authenticity, more peace, more aliveness. It is simple and mature guidance for greater human depth. It's a book I know I will read over and over again, gaining new insights into new possibilities on every journey through its pages.

Catherine Ryan Hyde, author, Pay It Forward, and more than 20 other novels

Dr. Ruth Cherry has just written a wonderful new book that promises to be a best seller! She writes movingly about her own healing process and shares powerful insights on the importance of self-acceptance and our oneness with Spirit.

Rev. Leona Evans, author, Spirituality & Self-Esteem, and Nothing is Too Good to Be True!


I began reading Ruth's book a few days ago and it is 'the boost' I needed while dealing with my own autoimmune disease. Thanks, Ruth!

Rev. John Byrne


Sensitively written, this book guides the reader to intimacy with their true self. This inner knowing is the beginning of wisdom, of authenticity in every area of life. Dr. Cherry writes from her honest, vulnerable journey and encourages the reader to begin their own journey towards healing and wholeness.

Ginny Conrow 


This book is powerful and profound.

Patricia Gordon, EdD


I had to make marks and underlinings in this book so that I can come back and re-read the many things that struck me so very deeply. There is so much meaningful and useful information for my own healing and growth in her words and experiences. It has lifted my vision of possibilities. I thank her for sharing her inner world.

Karen Wilkins


The insights Ruth  Cherry shares with us are profound and important.  Through her personal journaling to deal with her chronic and serious medical challenges, her insights into psychological and spiritual methods for personal growth, plus her valuable information on the many benefits of meditation and  methods to achieve these benefits, Ruth's  words are clear, easy to read and comprehend.  This is a book that I will refer to again and again, anytime I feel the need for clarity in my life.


Sharon Mesker


There is so much value in these pages. I especially love the meditation section in the second half of the book. 

Antoinette Vella Payne


This is an informative, moving and inspirational book for people who have experience with meditation as well as people who don't. The book draws you in at the beginning as Ruth shares her personal journal and challenges. I have been motivated to re-start my journey of self - discovery and inner strength. This book is awesome!

Jan Lethers


I have made reading your wonderful book a part of my morning meditation.  Since my leg broke and sent my life in a whole different direction mentally, I have endured things I never thought myself capable of, and achieved states of peace that my circumstances seemed to deny. I felt so grateful after reading from your book, that I had to share my joy with you.

Stephen Tosh


Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

From the Foreword:


Ruth Cherry gives new meaning to the often heard phrase: “Walking the Talk.” 


From a viral infection in her 20s to a recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Ruth has had tremendous difficulty with the physical act of walking. But her difficulties were not just physical. Ruth suffered deep emotional wounds from a lifetime of self-loathing, feelings of inadequacy and rejection, and an abusive subpersonality - someone she calls the Controller.


In the first part of this book, Ruth shares her very personal story via her intimate journal entries. We are given a front row seat to witness how she transformed not only her physical abilities but her overall life, and probably even more importantly, her emotional and spiritual well-being. It’s been a long journey. With raw and riveting honesty, she shares the deep inner work that it took - being willing to tell the truth, facing her relentless critical self-talk and a sense of hopelessness, choosing to unconditionally love and accept herself and others - just to name a few. She takes us along with her as she learns how to practice the divine laws of true healing, what Ruth calls “Living in the Flow.”

In the second part of the book Ruth shares her professional knowledge of the psychology of living a spiritual life. She helps us to understand operating from our Child vs. our Adult subpersonalities. She highlights the tasks of integrating the lightness and the darkness in our lives. She explains the value of embracing our vulnerability. She gently leads us to the power of taking responsibility for our own healing and happiness.


In the final section, Ruth does an in-depth job of describing the spiritual qualities we are all seeking. This is a comprehensive section that covers almost everything - from finding our true selves, to deep forgiveness and what that means, to the beauty of grace, and the ultimate power of opening to Source.

Thank You, Ruth, for your heart, your work, and your calling. Anyone who picks up this book and reads it will be moved further on their path. And you, dear Ruth, keep on walking!

Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.

Author, Your Possible Life - How to  Build the Life of Your Dreams



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