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A simple spiritual prescription for a successful life:  release resentment and let your light shine.

No problem, you may say. Great! I respond.

So we agree: there’s no need to remember the hurts from last week or last year or twenty years ago. No  clinging to childhood fears which inhibit your Adult from acting maturely. No lingering depressions. You don’t take the world personally. Nothing requires a reaction, right? Well . . . maybe . . .

Behind resentment lies intolerable vulnerability. If it were tolerable, we would have stayed present to our feelings and, thus, healed them. Because we couldn’t tolerate the hurt or the shame or the sadness or the fear, we shielded our soft side with a tough protective layer of anger. We may have fled to our intellect, further distancing our hearts from our everyday life.

Then we’re left not feeling so much pain but with a tendency to snap at insensitive folks who step on our virtual toes. We become impatient with those losers (everyone) who can’t appreciate us. Little frustrations grow into major problems. Paranoia looms. You may be quick to dismiss your unease as “their” problem or just part of the human condition. But, if in your heart you’re not comfortable trusting that who you are is valuable and wanted, if you feel tied up inside, if you don’t express yourself uniquely and creatively, then maybe there is a block.   

Healing is possible, no matter how old the wounds. Past life material? No problem; that can be relieved, also. We move into the Adult part of us and we find the Child who was there so may years ago when Dad was drunk (or distracted) and Mom was furious (or powerless). And we embrace that hurting Child who still lives within us. Now we can be the Good Parent. Better than anyone else, we know what that Child feels and wants and needs to hear. And in our strong and resilient Adult we can provide love and guidance and consolation for our Child. We can be the sensitive, committed strong Parent the Child can safely depend upon. Healing ensues from that alliance.

With healing the Child matures. And the world looks different—not so threatening or evil. Because we responsibly attend to our inner world needs, we experience the outer world without projection. We have cleaned the scrim through which we see.

And from this standpoint we’re free to express the light at our core. Wherever our passion lives, our challenge as healthy adults is to express, express, express. We move into our deepest center, breathe and be, listen, wait, and allow ourselves to be guided. We pay attention, we say “Yes” and we express. We draw or sing or act or dance or compose but our personal spirit shades the inspiration which flows through us.

Squelching our creative voice cripples us and deprives the world of our unique contribution. We respect our artistic consciousness for we are all artists with our consciousness. We cannot afford to be nice or to say the appropriate and expected words or to leave ourselves open to be drained. Our loyalty sides with the light at our creative core. Fiercely we protect and nurture that light and we never apologize for being ourselves. We live passionately and deeply. And that’s embracing our spiritual nature.



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