Spiritual reality and practical reality reveal some similarities and some differences. Similarities include the value of responsibility. In practical terms: we take care of our cars, our homes, our bills, our health, and our commitments. We decide responsibly and act responsibly. We do what needs to be done and anticipate upcoming demands. We try to stay in control of the variables life presents.

Responsibility in spiritual terms implies not doing. A commitment to be still and to listen and to accept what is this moment reflects spiritual responsibility. Knowing the limits of what we can control and what you cannot indicates spiritual responsibility. In spiritual reality we know our place which is always as a student, never as a Controller.

In practical reality we try to avoid mistakes. Sometimes we criticize ourselves or feel ashamed when we judge our behavior critically. In spiritual reality, mistakes deserve applause because that’s how we learn. Then we reconsider and adopt a new attitude. Every experience refines our consciousness. And we never criticize ourselves. We look inside ourselves with respect and awe and humbly we follow the guidance from our center. We know that at our core we are one with God, so we look to that truth.

Practically, we accrue. We need degrees, licenses, homes, cars, much stuff, and more fun. We study to know more and be more. We save and invest to have more. We compete to increase our value in the eyes of our peers. We push, we struggle, we strive. Always we think about the next maneuver.

Spiritually, we surrender. We let go of layers of defenses which have built up (unconsciously) over the years. We focus inwardly and aim our attention toward our core. We let go and let go and let go and let go. We know we can’t manufacture a meaningful life for ourselves from our good judgment; we simply allow Life to guide us. We practice trust. We acknowledge a wisdom and a guidance greater than our minds’ and we say, "Yes." We don’t try to understand or figure out or make sense. We accept, we allow, we practice availability, and we give thanks.

We live in both worlds—the five sense world and the spiritual world. We pay attention and we apply rules which fit each world appropriately. We meet our commitments in the outer world and we practice radical self-acceptance in the inner. Never do we let our minds intrude into our shadowy inner worlds. That space belongs to our spirit. We open to experience whatever is inside us. We stay present, we breathe, we watch, and we allow.

Eventually we move into the peace that already exists and we breathe. Nourishing our spirit means moving into the stillness at our very core and resting there. And that’s our spiritual responsibility.


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