Spirit’s Playground

The mundane world is the playground for Spirit. It plays “gotcha” with us. When we lose our cool and growl at our neighbor—“Gotcha!” When we blame someone for anything at all—“Gotcha!” When we take offense, personalizing another’s remark—“Gotcha!” We step out of our center, we forget to accept everything that comes, we resent anything at all, and the gotcha’s vibrate in the air.

Being right is not a choice. There is no right or wrong, just what is. No rules apply. It’s not about domination. We’re not competing to prove our worth. We are. We can open to having experiences or we can close our hearts and lick our wounds and pity ourselves. If we choose, we can hold our heads up, encounter the day with humility, and say, “Thank you.” No matter what comes, “Thank you.”

We are the perpetual student, never the Judge. We learn from everything. When another “in authority” disrespects us we say, “Thank you.” What is “fair” is not a consideration. What “I deserve” is irrelevant. We learn humility and self respect by saying “Thank you” and by practicing forgiveness. We don’t need to wrest justice from the world. We need to stay centered, keep our hearts open, practice forgiveness and love, and be present to each moment.

Not many others practice this discipline. That’s OK; it’s their choice. We are not treated as we would like. So we learn to forgive and to see into their perfect center and to bless them. We have the experiences we need, not the ones we find comforting. Circumstances don’t matter; what we learn from our experience counts. The outer world fades soon enough. It’s the inner world that goes on and on.

Our home lies within us, in our deepest center. In our essence we allow our true self to be and to grow and to evolve. That’s all that is important. This movie set we call the world is just here for us to learn through experience.



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