The Greatest Prayer

Some say our greatest prayer is “Thank you.” It’s a prayer available to us when we are overwhelmed. It’s a prayer we can choose when we feel hopeless. It’s a prayer which thrusts us from a perceived position of victim to one of partner.

Saying “Thank you” empowers us. We actively choose to engage in the current situation knowing that God works beneath the surface. We willingly cooperate although we can’t say how or with what. We simply declare, “I am available and I trust.” And then we pay attention.

 We always know that we are protected. We prefer to move to the level of solution rather than wallow at the level of problem. Power lies in that choice and we own our power when we say, “Thank you.”

Choosing to align with the flow in the Universe reflects our awareness of our oneness. Always we are one but when we say “Thank you” we acknowledge it consciously. We release our struggle and any resentment or frustration. We relax and exhale and let it be.

“Thank you. For whatever is right now, thank you.”


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