What is Love?

Love is more than an emotion. Love is the ability to attract. What we love, we focus on, we talk about, we think about, we never forget. What we love occupies the space in our heads. And, then, because love is a powerful attractor, we see outside of us what reverberates inside us.
We may not like what we love. We may spend our days reliving frustrating conversations or hurtful endings to relationships or anger from twenty years ago. If we continually resent something from our past , then we have practiced resentment to high degree. And, of course, we will meet someone who shows us the same resentment. Love attracts itself to itself. Whatever energy we invest in, we increase.
We may ask, “Why can’t I get rid of this?” This may be poor self-esteem, remorse, self-destructive choices or any other repetitive dynamic which drains us. We get angrier and angrier. We pity ourselves because it really isn’t fair. We suffer too much. And that makes us angry, too. We put so much energy into suffering that we have to acknowledge that really we love our suffering. What would we do without it? Be happy? Heaven forbid.  
We are so powerful! We convince ourselves that we are victims. We meet with frustration atop frustration. We claw our way up the hill only to slide down farther. Life isn’t fair! We try, we struggle, we effort. And we’re angry. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t the life we had envisioned. We didn’t choose this! We are victims!
Whatever we put energy into, we love. It’s understandable how we love our suffering. We suffer over it so! And that love attracts more suffering to us. Love is the zeal and enthusiasm we feel for our suffering.
We need to watch what moves through our minds from a detached Observer perspective. We may see frustration, then anger, then more frustration because we feel powerless, then indignation. Whatever we see, we notice and release. We hold onto nothing. We don’t need to understand or analyze or work through or resolve.
We just need to release. We need to pull back our energy, stop focusing on what we don’t choose. We let it pass. We withdraw our enthusiasm for what frustrates and invest our enthusiasm and gratitude in what serves. Love is where our passions lie. We can be passionate about resenting or passionate about gratitude. Either way, whatever we focus on will increase. That’s how love operates.


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