Spirituality Your Way

Spirituality is, by definition, completely personal; our spiritual guidance is specific to each of us. In this workshop, participants will experience moving to their core truth in guided meditation. They will learn to recognize the support or sabotage from their subpersonalities--the Controller who tells them to think and not to feel, to erase vulnerability and close their hearts; the Adult who reasons and uses good judgement but may lack passion; the Needy Child who has not quite healed from the battles and losses of the past; the Rebellious Teenager who refutes any outside authority; the Earth Mother who is constantly compassionate; and the Spiritual Warrior who will meet every challenge in his commitment to grow. Participants will observe their inner world dynamics during guided imagery exercises.  Through journal writing they will clarify their strengths and challenges. They will know their personal dynamics which shape their spiritual journey. This simple process of observing and allowing pulls participants to experience transformation in completely personal terms. Thus, spirituality becomes precisely meaningful and spiritual guidance becomes an experience, not merely a concept.

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