Integrity: Owing Our Power through Practicing Presence


Owning our power isn’t about adding on but about letting go.  Letting go of the defenses we have unconsciously assumed to ease our way through life, whether that be working hard or avoiding work.  Whatever we chose which reduced our anxiety, pushed away our demons, and told us how to proceed safely has limited us. Our Controller may have told us to be good (if not entirely sincere); now we step back and look at that Controller. 
Presence demands focused attention, constant allowing, and a commitment to ongoing availability. We show up, we acknowledge what is each second, we trust, we let go, and we surrender. And then we do it over again.  Thus, we live, constantly open and receptive to our own highest and best guidance.
We realize that life isn't to be managed but to be embraced and accepted and honored. Practicing Presence builds upon all the strengths we have developed while at the same time we release self-limiting beliefs and attitudes. Fear doesn't guide our decisions; the urgency to live fully propels us. By practicing Presence we access wisdom in our own particular terms. 

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