Achieving Balance, Allowing Transformation


First we heal our psychological wounds. Our one-year old who wants love but eats sweets/works tirelessly/talks compulsively receives attention from our Caring Parent, the part of us that is patient and present and giving. From this healthy relationship the Adult practices availability. She shows up, breathes, stays in the moment, and allows the magic that always ensues when we stop and pay attention. What happens next is unpredictable but transformative in our own particular terms. And we are ready because we trust completely.

In this workshop participants will identify their subpersonalities--the Needy Child, the Earth Mother, the Reasonable Adult, the Controller, and the Spiritual Warrior. Through guided meditation, spontaneous  imagery exercises, and journal writing they will notice the evolution to health and balance in psychological terms. Transformation follows when we stay present and allow our own innate wisdom to guide us. From our deepest center we listen and we are led from healing to growth and individuation in specifically perfect terms for us.  
In this heart-centered day of deepening exercises, participants will learn to align themselves with their own truth. They will practice surrender and  trust. They will know their own blueprint for living each day the rest of the lives anchored in their own availability.

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