You Are Worthy

Do you doubt it? Do old memories cling like cobwebs to the corners of your mind? Do the powerless times of childhood shine just as vibrantly as adult successes?

It seems that something in us holds us back. We read every bestseller, we practice every New Age ritual, we repeat empowering affirmations and, still, one shoe seems nailed to the floor. We read our diaries from years past and we see the same conflicts played out in different settings with different faces. Are our inner world conflicts unresolvable?

Yes and no.

Our inner worlds lay the foundation for our outer world experiences. These experiences point to inner world distortions. That is always where we need to look—inside. An unkind remark from an acquaintance ruffles our feathers. We want to shout, "You can’t treat me that way! It’s not fair." But, instead, we look inside and notice how we have landed in some very familiar dynamics. We recognize the discomfort/pain/frustration. What we have usually done when facing these feelings is to react out of our unconscious state of un-empowerment.

If we choose to do something different now, we may identify with the very best and highest part of ourselves. Maybe that’s our Hero or our Spiritual Warrior or our Compassionate Caregiver or our Wise Woman. This part may seem more conceptual than actualized initially. When we choose the new instead of the familiar, we choose to practice a different vibration. Maybe this new vibration is only one-tenth of one per cent of who we are, but still it already exists in us. We want to nurture it and allow it to grow.

It may feel like putting on a costume at first. We imagine ourselves as Hero in our daily life. We see how it feels to be Hero. We notice choice points and we make a choice different from what we would historically choose. We imagine feeling confident and we stand straighter and make direct eye contact. We carry ourselves as the Hero we know ourselves to be, even if it’s just for a few moments. Then we notice when we move out of Hero and assume our "normal" low-level depression.

We notice the different vibrational frequencies between Hero and whatever our default vibrational practice is—Frustrated Artist, Powerless Person, Passive-Aggressive Employee. We discern the steps to owning our power versus denying our power. We notice how the world looks to us when we are in Hero and how it looks otherwise. We notice how we look to ourselves when we are in Hero and when we are not. We notice how long we can maintain our Hero stance before the old disempowering beliefs cloud our thinking. And that’s when we truly own our Hero vibration—when we identify the thoughts that pull us away from it.

Choosing to live from our Hero requires courage. It’s easy (if not pleasant) to maintain our well-practiced low-level depression. That old shoe fits. We know how to live life depressed and frustrated. Even wanting to grab the ring and proclaim, "I want more!" scares us. We can’t feel both comfortable and empowered. But by the time we consider that question, we can’t allow ourselves to resist empowerment.

Choosing empowerment propels us to a new level where we live from our experience of ourselves as Hero. The past disappears and the future opens. We walk into our highest and best future when we practice our Hero vibration consciously. We’re on guard to recognize the old creeping un-empowered vibration which is always ready to pull us backwards. And, over and over, we choose to stay in the present moment, aware and available. We don’t want to be anywhere other than right here right now in our Hero.


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